Stupid Emo Kid of The DaY

30 04 2008

So I was just on myspace about to leave a comment on my friend’s page, naturally I nosed around his comments and found this.

What a dumb ass …

and who the fuck is MAGIBON? Hmm …


Independent 30th Anniversary Tour

30 04 2008

Well hot damn! Look at the names on this roster. Commemorating 30 years of undenying service to skaters everywhere, Independent Tuck Co. is settin’ sail for a national tour sure to go down in the books.

With the team riders rotating in shifts through out the tour, there will be a whole lot of action at various skate jams, BBQs and parties. And who better to document this trip than Thrasher.

The Berrics

30 04 2008

Don’ we just all love this site … Wednesdays with REDA is up. The road to Deluxe is a long one. Parts 3 (already up), 4 and 5 throughout the day! So keep clickin’ back to The Berrics to see the rest of these funny, shredful installments. But until then, go behind the scenes at The Berrics with DVS (below). Good stuff, shows you just how involved Steve Berra really is with his newest venture and a helpful breakdown of all the sections within The Berrics … busy busy busy.

Yesterday was Eric Koston’s birthday. So many rad people have April 29th birthdays, including myself!

Is Led Zeppelin Gonna Tour or What?

30 04 2008

Well, ever since their December 10, 2007 reunion show in London, there has been a plethora of rumors and speculation in regards to a Led Zeppelin reunion tour. I’m not only speaking for myself when I say, I’d probably vomit out of pure excitement and untamed happiness to witness one of my top 5 musicians of all time perform. No longer, would I have to search for that time machine, or dream of being Pamela Des Barres or some other infamous Band-Aid lurking at he Riot House or backstage exits.

So are they gonna tour again? It may be wishful thinking, but I think they will. Fuck, Stone Temple Pilots got back together in the hopes of being an opening act, if and when Led Zeppelin decide to tour again. Page and Plant toured back in 98 and now Plant is about to embark on a tour with contemporary blue grass artist, Alison Krauss. I think Led Zeppelin would have definitely gone on tour in 08 had the amazing Robert Plant not been commited to this new project with Krauss. But nonetheless, the sky is looking clear and a reunion tour is more than a definite possiblitly in the latter of 08, or early 09. Click here for more butterflies and anxiety atacks in the hopes of catching Zeppelin live.

Virgin Mobile Festival

30 04 2008

Don’t get all “tangled up in blue” this summer, but do “search and destroy” some of the best music festival line ups to date. Two of the most influential musicians have been added to the Virgin Mobile Festival. Bringing one of America’s most favored songwriters and punk’s notoriously shocking, yet pleasing performer, Iggy and The Stooges. I’ve seen them both on separate occasions and it’s just fuckin’ amazing. Especially seeing Iggy still doing his energized acts just as if he were still at Max’s back in 1970. With Kanye West, Nine Inch Nails, The Black Keys, and the return of the Stone Temple Pilots, amongst other fine acts, this Baltimore based festival is lookin’ hot. Tickets go on sale May 3, 2008.

Absolutely epic video (below) from an Iggy and The Stooges performance last year in NYC. Up and personal, shows you just how crazy this 51 year-old punk icon still is. I get chills watching this vid, just knowing his history and what a contribution he has been to rock n’ roll as a whole.

The Black Keys Kinda Saved Rock n’ Roll

29 04 2008

These guys are epic and bring back the root of what rock n’ roll was made of. If you missed the first half of their entirely SOLD OUT North American Tour, or if you’ve just finally caught on to this inspiring duo, (well you should check out their past 4 albums first off, nothing but the goods) they have added a whole slew of new tour dates. Be smart and buy the tickets ahead of time!

And for all you gamers, The Black Keys new hit song “Strange Times,” is featured in the latest version of Grand Theft Auto – IN STORES TODAY!!!! Check it out here. And watch their cool “Strange Times” vid below.

For more black keys on grimy goods click here, here and here … or just search The Black Keys in the search box above.

Red Bull Air Races 2008

29 04 2008

Photo Credit: Andy Schaad/Air Race Newsroom

Oh yeeeah! This shit is fun and hitting ten International cities. Click here for more dates and info. If you in the Whale’s Vagina (San Diego), then head on out this weekend for the 2nd leg of the Red Bull Air Races going off this May 3-4, 2008.

The photos below are from the Red Bull Air Races kick off that just took place in Abu Dhabi, this past April 10-11, 2008.

Photo Credit: Andy Schaad/Air Race Newsroom

It’s more than just the exciting races; music, food, booze, and fun! Get yo tickets here. PS – The Briefs are she shit! So check em’ out of Friday at The Punk’s Not Dead show (below). It’s free!