Bitch! Wash Your Hands!

24 04 2008

Ewww … Whether you like it or not, girls can be pretty fuckin’ dirty. And I’m not talking about promiscuity either. I am talking about however, bad hygiene. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a public bathroom and some dirtball of a girl is too lazy to wash her hands after the loo. Geez, I don’t even touch the door handle on my way out. If there is a handle, I use a paper towel. If it’s a push door, I use my ass.

So I’m washing my hands in this public bathroom, which was quickly begining to smell like a sewer. The girl in the next stall must of been blowing up the joint. She comes out, applies lip gloss and kick finger comb through, then walks out the door. Yuck! Not only did she take gnarley shit that smelled worse than my brothers, but the broad didn’t even wash her hands. I wonder if there was any fecal matter on her fingers as she rubbed her sticky lip gloss into her paper thin lips!

I got a couple girlfriends that I’ve noticed don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. I won’t mention any names, but I observe this shit. So when I don’t wanna share my lip gloss or finger foods with you, it’s not cause I’m trying to be a bitch, but you dirty! And what’s even worse, is some of them just sit directly on a public toilet! Now that’s just disgusting. Us girls always go into the bathroom together, and I get totally grossed out when a friend of mine sits on the nasty toilet with out a cover. I even feel worse for the poor sucker that ends up messing around with her that evening. Clean girls hover, and nice clean girls use a toilet seat cover while they hover as a courtesy so the next girl in doesn’t have to sit on a droplets of piss, that mysteriously soak through a toilet seat cover.

So girls, keep it clean and don’t be lazy. Wash your hands and maybe they won’t look like some dirty skater’s hands after a crazy sesh (or smell for that matter). As for toilets, you best be taking care of the treasure box in between those legs, or not even the dirtiest of pirates will want to unlock the jewels of desire. Besides, hovering is great for the glutes and quads.




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29 04 2008
rocker lady face

you do realize that hovering is what causes piss to end up on the seat don’t you? think about it: if your thighs are firmly planted on the seat, how does one get pee on it? pee does not dribble down legs, but but instead splashes up when you hover and lands everywhere.
so actually germ-a-phobe girls who hover are actually the dirty ones!
so hover-ers, clean up yer drops!

but yes, peeps with the dirty digits need to be called out.

29 04 2008
Who's That Girl

No shit sherlock, read the full post next time but since you didn’t I have pasted the segment in question below:

Ehem *Sandy coughs to clear throat*
“Clean girls hover, and nice clean girls use a toilet seat cover while they hover as a courtesy so the next girl in doesn’t have to sit on a droplets of piss, that mysteriously soak through a toilet seat cover.”

2 05 2008
I wash the hands...

I can’t believe how many times I’ve wanted to rant about this shit… It seriously trips me out how many people when the actually do wash their hands will grab the door knob without a paper towel on the way out. What the hell was the point of washing your hands in the first place… You dirty, dirty bastards! As for the hovering and what not I can’t speak to that because I have the ability to piss standing up. Nice post Sandy B…


7 08 2009

well i know 4 me when i have 2 take a poop i would much rather hover but its 2 hard 2 do my bissness so i just sit down (with a nest of course). i find i can do what i went n there 2 do better and with more pleasure

7 08 2009


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