Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

30 05 2008

Damn that’s a mouthful, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. Can’t we just call him M-Bar or something? I can’t quite remember where I came across this super talented individual, but I’m so diggin’ his music. A jewel in the Nile, in which case the Nile he represents is Brooklyn. On the same label (Say Hey Records) as Shy Child once was, I’m sure that Miles will graduate onto a bigger label too.

When I first listened to his song “The Debtor,” I immediately loved the sound and lyrics, but couldn’t quite pin-point the influence. For some odd reason I was leaning towards a toned down Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, but then I got the fog out of my head and realized it reminded me of the soulful crooning from TV On The Radio (what the fuck is up with all these long names). Re-affirming my assumption, Kyp Malone of TVOTR indeed helped out with the sound.

This rising 24-year old is one to keep your radar on. He sings from the heart with some intense lyrics fueled by some dark blues floating over a sonic landscape. His self-titled debut album hits July 1. Recorded by Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor with contributions from Taylor’s bandmates Chris Bear and Daniel Rossen, and we musn’t forget the previously mentioned Kyp Malone. Get the album when it drops! But until then listen to the album’s first single “Buriedfed” below.


Brace Yourselves For The Doors Documentary

30 05 2008

The Soft Parade:

Great, another element adding to my obsession with this beautiful musical libertine. Isn’t it bad enough I impersonated him (leather pants and all) in my High School creative writing class while my bestie played Janis? As necro as it may seem, I sometimes wish I can raise the dead.

Marking the 41st anniversary of one of the greatest bands to walk this earth, the surviving members of the Doors plan to release a documentary film in about six months. Disappointed in the way the band was portrayed in the 1991 film “The Doors,” former band member Ray Manzarek says this new doc will be the “anti-Oliver Stone” film … “This will be the true story of the Doors.”

There is no title and I’m not quite sure who is directing this highly anticipated release, in which we’ve been patiently waiting for. I do know that Dick Wolf was set to produce it back in 07 but I think some changes were made along the road. What ever happened to the Stacey Peralta Doors documentary, “Six Nights, Six Records, Six Years” that was also slated for an 07 release? Neither documentary made it in time for the 40th anniversary, so let’s hope this latest flick actually does happen. For more info click here.

This is the best live footy I’ve seen, and the sound is mastered really well. Sic improv!

1031 Turn Up The Hell Tour

30 05 2008

The boys at the 1031 camp are gearing up to go on an east coast tour. Kicking off June 2 through the 21st, ya’ll can see the boys in action. Check out the tour dates below and click here to check out their new video trailer (there’s a huge pair of knockers in there).

MTV And NBC Get Buddy Buddy With AST

29 05 2008

Wow (as I say that in a monotone, satirical manner), MTV and NBC has inked a partnership with the AST (Action Sports Tour). No surprise here, and I think for anyone to get all angry about it is kind of lame. Hate it or love it, skateboarding once again becomes even more mainstream and profitable. It’s like when your favorite band that was once so under the radar goes huge, you naturally feel disappointed because of all the douches and corpos that begin to exploit them to more douches and corpos. Well at least the musicians are then getting the pay and notoriety they deserve for their unique talents. In the same turn, skaters are equally entitled in receiving proper dues for all their hard work and skill.

This newest venture ain’t nothin’ of the new. C’mon now, MTV already brought out Jack Ass, Viva La Bam, Rob and Big (which I love), and the horrible Life of Ryan. What about the Maloof Money Cup? Now that’s some corpo shit, but pretty damn awesome nonetheless. Similarly, our skaters deserve that cash money comin’ in from the Dew Tour and such. This new partnership just provides more opportunities and money for skaters to make a living, and yes corpos are profiting but what’s new? Now when NBC comes out with their all American team (hypothetically speaking) and skateboarding goes pop warner, then it’s the apocalypse. But until then just keep it real and nevermind the bull shit, support the under before the over.

Suicidal Tendencies – “Go Skate”

New Sigur Ros Album

29 05 2008

After almost three years of depriving us of his beautiful music, our favorite Icelandic songbird, Sigur Ros, flys in with some more enchanting tunes. His 5th LP titled, (brace yourself, this shit is gnarly) “með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust,” which translates: with a buzz in our ears we play endlessly, will be released June 24.

As more and more kind musicians seem to be giving away free mp3’s and entire albums, Sigur has made available his single “Gobbledigook” free to download. Gobble di Gook, hmmm, I almost feel politically incorrect saying that out loud. Good music nonetheless, so cruise on over to and get this surprisingly upbeat, good-feeling track. Check out the new vid here.


We Love Matt Costa

29 05 2008

Former skater, now folk singer, but always-super cutie, Matt Costa has done a pretty good job showing his musical talents. His second LP, “Familiar Faces,” released in January has kept him in the bedroom dreams of fans of all kinds. From the slutty hipsters, to the Tiger Beat tweens and the wishful queens, he just does it for us all. Interviews that don’t reiterate what’s been asked time after time are the best. Even better well read, when the questions are oddball as fuck. Check out this short but sweet Q & A from the Houston Chronicle.

Tales From The Black Van

28 05 2008

What are you doing this Friday? If your in or near the OC, head on out to the RVCA headquarters for some good tunes and the premiere of Tales From The Black Van. With some rippin’ tunes from The Embalmers and the Japanese Motors, what more can you ask for? Check out the flyer and video trailer below for more info.

See you there kiddies.

Watch some radness: