Dirt Nasty at Sutra in Schwagport

16 05 2008

So yeah, just like any other normal girl with an eye for hot bad boys, my girl calls me up and asks me if I want to go see Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy perform at Sutra in Newport Beach. Granted I hate all the kooks and gold-diggers in OC, and I despise any douche joint such as Sutra, if I’m gonna hang out any where in Newps you’ll find me at Cassidy’s. A proper dirty dive where the drinks are stiff and cheap, just like the men and women, respectively. But I sure do love Mr. Dirt Nasty and it helps my girl is good friend’s with his manager, so I happily oblige. She warns me before hand of the lameness of Sutra and its inhabbitants but we make the most of it and have a good time. Check out the kookbag gallery here or click on the kook.




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15 07 2008
Maloof Money Cup Wrap-up « Grimy Goods

[…] Hotel in Newport. Too much funny fun times! As for Sutra, well we all know I hate clubs like Sutra and the douches that frequent them. We did make a quick stop there before hitting the Etnies party, […]

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