Brace Yourselves For The Doors Documentary

30 05 2008

The Soft Parade:

Great, another element adding to my obsession with this beautiful musical libertine. Isn’t it bad enough I impersonated him (leather pants and all) in my High School creative writing class while my bestie played Janis? As necro as it may seem, I sometimes wish I can raise the dead.

Marking the 41st anniversary of one of the greatest bands to walk this earth, the surviving members of the Doors plan to release a documentary film in about six months. Disappointed in the way the band was portrayed in the 1991 film “The Doors,” former band member Ray Manzarek says this new doc will be the “anti-Oliver Stone” film … “This will be the true story of the Doors.”

There is no title and I’m not quite sure who is directing this highly anticipated release, in which we’ve been patiently waiting for. I do know that Dick Wolf was set to produce it back in 07 but I think some changes were made along the road. What ever happened to the Stacey Peralta Doors documentary, “Six Nights, Six Records, Six Years” that was also slated for an 07 release? Neither documentary made it in time for the 40th anniversary, so let’s hope this latest flick actually does happen. For more info click here.

This is the best live footy I’ve seen, and the sound is mastered really well. Sic improv!




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17 11 2008

“The Doors: Live At The Matrix 2-CD Set
Live in San Fransisco March 7 & 10, 1967
Available 11/18”

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