Fallen Adds More B-roll Clips

30 06 2008

With upcoming premier of Fallen Footwears, Ride the Sky, the crew has added a couple more B-roll clips for your viewing pleasure, check out the funny goods here. That old man skater hater is quite the chump …


Dirty Pretty Things “Romance at Short Notice”

30 06 2008

I really loved the Libertines, they were such a fun, hip band with some groovin tunes. Pete Doherty had such a cute yet naughty voice to him, turnin’ on the sound radar of both men and woman alike. Too bad Carl Barât and Doherty can’t hash their shit out and bring The Libertines back. Needless to say, Doherty’s Brainchild, Babyshambles is pretty damn close to the radness of The Libertines. Let’s just hope he can keep his shit together and continue to bring us some rippin’ tunes.

One the other hand, Barât has Dirty Pretty Things. Keepin’ it consistent and on their way to delivering another catchy album, “Romance at Short Notice” is set for a UK release today, June 30 via Vertigo records. The tunes are pretty good, a little too poppy-go-lucky for me, I am however diggin on “Truth begins.” A lil slower but it has a good variety of sound and tempo, with a sexy feel. But, I do prefer the dirty sweet rawness of Babyshambles and perhaps the exciting drama that radiates around Doherty, but to each their own. Listen to the “Romance at Short Notice” in its entirety here on NME.com.

Obama Rolling Stone Cover

27 06 2008

Word up! Barack Obama is gracing the cover of Rolling Stone. The soon to be pres shares his not too shabby musical tastes with us. A fan of the man, Bob Dylan, Obama shares “one of my favorites during the political season is ‘Maggie’s Farm.’ It speaks to me as I listen to some of the political rhetoric.” Also a fan of “The Boss” and Stevie Wonder, down to Jay-Z and Miles Davis. The man gets mega props for The Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” as one of his favs! Check out what he had to say in this week’s Rolling Stone.

Del Mar Races Concert Schedule

27 06 2008

For those of you fortunate enough to live and breath in the beautiful San Diego, the Del Mar races are a commin’! Yes we all love opening day, getting all dressed up in a cute dress if you’re a lady, with a hat to match. And if your a guy, your sure stoked on the booty and beaver shots shown through out the drunken day. Wednesday July 16, it all goes down. So call in sick!

Check out the concert schedule! Nothing like 4 o’ clock Fridays to make it a true San Diego summer. And dude, DEVO is fuckin playing! The best band to come out of Akron, Ohio, along side the The Black Keys!

Friday, Gavin Rossdale (Bush) (July 18)
Friday, Super Diamond (25)
Saturday, Gnarls Barkley (26)
Fridayi, Pinback (Aug 1)
Friday, The Bravery (8)
Saturday, Reggae Fest ft. Ziggy Marley (9) No way, Ziggy Marley is playing … that’s a first! eh
Friday, Special Guest (15)
Friday, Black Francis (The Pixies) (22)
Friday, Steel Pulse (29)
Saturday, Devo (30)
Wednesday, The English Beat (Sept 3)

Beck’s New Album “Modern Guilt”

26 06 2008

Beck’s new album “Modern Guilt” sounds pretty dope! The first word that came to mind when I listened to the tracks “Orphans” and “Gamma Ray,” was groovy. They both have a late 60’s steez type of tone.  “Orphans” is real ethereal, with chimes, cymbals and a goodie basket full of some echoing sounds-it just makes you wanna spark up and pass the love. Now if I were a go go dancer in the 60’s, my boots would definitely be twistin’ to the beat of “Gamma Ray.”

I seen Beck perform once, at the first annual Vegoose, and the man is just amazing! Make sure you pick up “Modern Guilt” when it drops July 8 in the US off DGC. But until then stream the mentioned unreleased tracks here. And yes, just like The Black Keys’ sic album “Attack & Release,” “Modern Guilt” too has the Danger Mouse touch.  Without a doubt, the hottest producer of 2008.

Streets Is Talking

25 06 2008

Oh shit, here comes some more crazy ghetto goods and skating from Ian Reid. Wanna check some raw skating mixed in with a bunch of unusual facets of life set to shock? From cracky characters, thug life, glory holes and hoes …. peep the trailer, “Streets is Talking” below. Shit looks wild.

Kings Of Leon Rockin it Again!

25 06 2008

They may wear their pants tighter than than the spandex on Richard Simmons, but these 4 kings of rock n’ roll definitely know what’s up. Bringing more eclectic Southern rock to our ears, the Kings Of Leon are set to impress us once again with their forthcoming album “Only by the Night.” Dropping it’s UK release September 22, us Yanks will get the goods the next day.

With blues and psychedelic rock setting the tone for great rock music today, it’s no surprise the Kings Of Leon plan on revisiting their “southern roots and rock even harder!” But in the mean time, you lucky pissheads in the UK get to see these boys real soon:

“Four Kicks” off “Aha Shake Heartbreak”

Glastonbury Festival (June 27)
Switzerland Open Air St Gallen Festival (29)
Denmark Roskilde Festival (July 4)
Belgium Werchter Festival (5)
Paris Le Zenith (8)
Ireland Oxegen Festival (11)
Scotland T In The Park Festival (13)
Madrid Summercase Festival (18)
Barcelona Summercase Festival (19)
V Festival, Weston Park (August 16)
V Festival, Hylands Park (17)