M.I.A. Retires

17 06 2008

I was wondering why she had canceled her European tour, let alone the interview I had scheduled with her back in May in San Diego … Apparently during her performance at Bonnaroo last Friday (13) she announced three times that this will be her final show! WTF!!! Only two albums deep and she’s already out of the game. “Kala” was such a banger I can’t believe she would quit right there. Well like many musicians that call it quits, they all come back and I’m sure M.I.A. will too. But until then, thanks for the beats and tunes!

More info here.

“This is my last show, and I’m glad I’m spending it with all my hippies,” M.I.A told the crowd at least three times during her high-energy Bonnaroo set. “Thanks for coming to my last gig,” before leaving the stage.”




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