The Doogood Conservatory Kick off to go Skateboarding Day Photos!

23 06 2008

Well, the event was a success and a fun one at that! Doogood raised about$700 in donations and received some 10 decks and hardware to be sent to the skateparks they work with. Amongst others, a couple of the skateparks that will be benefiting from this event are the first ever to be made in Cairo, Egypt and Boston Bay, Jamaica.

Not to mention the thousands of dollars worth of product that was given away as raffle prizes! Big thanks go out to all the Doogood sponsors that provided some sweet stuff (Blitz, Syndrome Distribution, Black Box, C1RCA, DC, CCS, Active, Sun Diego, Vans, Belly Up Tavern, House of Blues, Maloof Money Cup, Gravity, Stussy, Allyance, Quick Silver, S & A Publishing, Innes, Matt Hensley, Danny Way/Escalera, Jake Brown/Blind, Chad Knight/1031, and I hope I didn’t miss anyone).

Hensley’s was packed and sweaty! Felt like I was at a southern juke joint gettin’ all glistened, only difference was we were listening to some thrashing psychadelic rock. Red Octopus opened up and pumped up the crowd with their echoing rifts. They had it down! When Earthless came on I thought they were gonna blow a whole through the roof with their insane skills! The music was loudly full of energy and as always, they put their audience in complete awe. It was outta this world. And I gotta a hand it to The Clean Cuts for laying down some dope ass tracks. From Question Mark & the Mysterians to the New York Dolls, the 60’s and 70’s were in full effect and the crowd dugg it! These boys know their music!

As for Hensley’s Flying Elephant and their all star staff, they fuckin rocked! As hot and busy as the joint was, everyone got their delicious eats and cold bevies. Kudos to them!

Good times, good times! Doogood’s defintiely stoked on all the wonderful attendees that came to support the cause! You guys rock!

Check out the photo gallery here.

To learn more about The Doogood conservatory and how you can donate go to:




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