Kings Of Leon Rockin it Again!

25 06 2008

They may wear their pants tighter than than the spandex on Richard Simmons, but these 4 kings of rock n’ roll definitely know what’s up. Bringing more eclectic Southern rock to our ears, the Kings Of Leon are set to impress us once again with their forthcoming album “Only by the Night.” Dropping it’s UK release September 22, us Yanks will get the goods the next day.

With blues and psychedelic rock setting the tone for great rock music today, it’s no surprise the Kings Of Leon plan on revisiting their “southern roots and rock even harder!” But in the mean time, you lucky pissheads in the UK get to see these boys real soon:

“Four Kicks” off “Aha Shake Heartbreak”

Glastonbury Festival (June 27)
Switzerland Open Air St Gallen Festival (29)
Denmark Roskilde Festival (July 4)
Belgium Werchter Festival (5)
Paris Le Zenith (8)
Ireland Oxegen Festival (11)
Scotland T In The Park Festival (13)
Madrid Summercase Festival (18)
Barcelona Summercase Festival (19)
V Festival, Weston Park (August 16)
V Festival, Hylands Park (17)




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