X Games Street Skate Elimination

31 07 2008

Whoa, Koston didn’t make it to the finals! And Duffel sits at the bottom 20. Here’s the elimination results:

1 Ryan Sheckler
2 Paul Rodriguez
3 Greg Lutzka
4 Rodolfo Ramos
5 Jereme Rogers
6 Adam Dyet
7 Nyjah Huston
8 Darrell Stanton
9 Sean Malto
10 Sierra Fellers
11 Leo Romero
12 Nick Dompierre
13 Mark Appleyard
14 Eric Koston
15 Nick Trapasso
16 Johnny Layton
17 Terry Kennedy
18 Billy Marks
19 Corey Duffel

P-rod won Maloof, then Dew Tour in Cleveland, will 3rd time be a charm for him? Time will tell tomorrow on the Event Deck at LA Live 4:30 p.m. With the ladies street going on at 3 p.m. (Go Lorena!).


X Games Big Air Final Results

31 07 2008

Damn, the shit was intense. Friends competing against friends, and roomates against roomates. But in the end all’s well and ends well. Burnquist dropped in for a switch backside ollie over the 70-foot gap, to indy 360 on the quarterpipe earning him a first place finish with a score of 96.00. Mad props to Jake Brown for coming in hot and holding it down in the bronze, showing he is still crazy as ever, slam or no slam. Throwing down a backside no-grab 360 to an 18- feet-eight-inch high mctwist on the quarterpipe with a score of 91.33! I wonder how that wrist is feeling! Check the ESPN Skate blog for more goods.

The man Danny Way got the silver and had a gnarley slam too! Check it below!

Final Results:

1. Bob Burnquist Sao Paulo, Brazil 96.00
2. Danny Way San Diego, Calif. 94.00
3. Jake Brown Carlsbad, Calif. 91.33
4. Andy Macdonald San Diego, Calif. 83.33
5. Adam Taylor Cocoa Beach, Fla. 34.66
6. Pierre-Luc Gagnon Carlsbad, Calif. 1.00

X Games Skateboard Big Air Finals

31 07 2008

San Diego is a major hub for skateboarding, no surprise here when almost all the Big Air competitors are reppin’ the whale’s vagina.

Birthday boy Andy Macdonald and young gun Adam Taylor move on from today’s Skateboard Big Air Selection Session to compete in tonight’s finals against four of the world’s top skaters. Last year’s medalists Burnquist, Brown and Gagnon (gold, silver and bronze, respectively) are automatically qualified for tonight’s event.

Danny Way, three-time consecutive Big Air gold medalist (in X Games 10, 11,12), was pre-qualified for the final last year at X Games 13 due to his gold in 2006 but did not compete last year because of a previous injury.

It all goes down at 5:45 p.m. and the shit’s gonna be intense!

The competitors going into the finals are:

Bob Burnquist Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jake Brown Carlsbad, Calif.
Pierre-Luc Gagnon Carlsbad, Calif.
Danny Way San Diego, Calif.
Andy Macdonald San Diego, Calif.
Adam Taylor Cocoa Beach, Fla.

X Games 14 2008

31 07 2008

Well just weeks after the “world’s greatest skateboard competition” we now have the highly anticipated X Games. So much crazy skating to be seen and heard. With Jake Brown’s return, Chris Cole going for the trifecta, and the women’s street going on with out the awesome Lacey Baker–the young shredder has a bad ankle injury, all the skate events should be pretty damn exciting. Check back here for some photos and recap of the event, and peep the ESPN Skate Blog for non-stop coverage.

Can’t make it to the X Games? Click here for the live telecast schedule.

Jake Brown on Fire

31 07 2008

Jake Brown will be battling that Mega Ramp again today after his crazy fall at last year’s X Games. But watch out, coming back with a fire to ride, he’ll also have some fire on his wheels. No joke yo, Jakey will be riding some Spitfires as the newest member to their bad ass roster. Yeeeeah boi!

Check out all the live action here.

North by North Park

31 07 2008

San Diego is just full of good local music and venues. Checkout this mini South by Southwest (SXSW) taking place through out North Park and such. This Saturday, August 2nd, is the first annual North by North Park. It’s an all day music conference and festival! You can check out a variety of music workshops happening all day long at the Lafayette Hotel with numerous industry professionals. Then onto the banger Saturday night. With over 100 bands playing at 15 different bars around the North Park/University Heights/Adams Avenue area, the whole day is sure to rock! This awesome event will be benefiting the San Diego Music Foundation. For more info click here.

Walkmen Pre-Release new Album for $5

31 07 2008

Even more music for less! The Walkmen have pre-released their new album with all the proceeds going to charity until their official U.S. release on August 19. These hip New Yorkers are selling their new goods, “You & Me” exclusively via AmieStreet.com for $5! The entire amount of each album sold will go towards cancer research. Cheap, quality music that does a good deed, can’t beat that now. Get the goods quick and for more info on this kind deed, click here.