Johnny Rad Fest Photos

20 07 2008

Well, Johnny Rad Fest was pretty damn rad! Props to Tyrone of the Clean Cuts and his buddy Ernie for putting on 4 days of bangin’ music in good ole SD. Can’t beat cool venues like the Tower Bar and The Kensington Club, good shit. The launch ramp BBQ contest was a great way to start Saturday’s festivities, with Shannon and The Clams playing in the Tower, as well as some other band. If anyone knows the name of the first band that played, let me know. I rather liked them! Leading on into the hot mess at the Ken Club the place was packed and all the bands played some great tunes. My favs: The Atoms, Digital Leather (nice short shorts boys) and of course The Spits tore it up like always.

Good night except for the hag that decided to pick on me at a lil after-party. Girls can be soooo lame. I guess confidence and knowledge can be a bit intimidating to those that are insecure (and awkward looking). So what do they do? Hate. Bitch made a fuss about my undergarments. Yeah, I know, how petty. So I had a light pink dress on in which calls for panties that match the color of you skin (you know how it goes girls) so their not noticeable. She calls me out like a trailer park crack head hollering at their kid, “Why don’t you put some panties on you’re not even wearing any!” I was like is this bitch fo realz!? Sure enough I lift a corner of my dress and low and behold, nude colored booty shorts! Continues to be a bitch so I call her out for the “ugly old lady” that she is. Whoa! Here she comes swinging, yep my first chick fight (if that’s what you would call it). I guess when you call a woman in her mid 30’s an old lady and you’re still in your late 20’s rockin’, they come at ya like a bat out of hell! But, no harm was done, face still flawless baish.

In the words of a wise man, “If you’re not getting hated on, you ain’t doing a good job.” Thanks.

All in all, Johnny Rad Fest rocked. Except for the hater at the end. Click here for photos!




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20 07 2008

Girl, won’t worry about the hater-bitch. She was probably a burnt-out scag with meat curtains and the herps. lol Some people just don’t know that being such an outwardly hating person just translates to an utter lack of self confidence and poise. ♥

20 07 2008

You look cute in those pics Sandy. Don’t worry about the haters. I wish I would have been there to have your back. Some older chicks tend to hate on the young and when you call them out, their post menepausal hormones take over. Next time just stick your foot out and kick em right in the stomach. Works everytime (not like I would know). =)

21 07 2008

Keep rocking Sandy B!

21 07 2008

Wow! That’s probably the most punk rock thing you’ve ever experienced. Go back to North County and go shopping. You were such a bragging priss!

21 07 2008

Naw, I’d have to say the most punk rock thing I’ve ever experienced was interviewing the New York Dolls, or maybe chilling with Syl in Paris … or wait maybe watching Lou Reed in Manchester. Now I’m bragging.

But please don’t misconstrue knowledge and life experience for “bragging.” The end, now I’ll go shopping in North County.

PS: Try not to be so “Anonymous” next time. Thanks!

21 07 2008

all i know is that you looked HOTT in that ‘lil pink getup! cheers!

21 07 2008

I have to agree Johnny Rad Fest was a blast. Good looking people and great music…what more could you ask for? Sandy, I don’t know you and I agree girls can be bitches, but for someone with so much knowledge and confidence it’s makes me laugh that your whole writeup is pretty much about this “hag.” Lucky for me I didn’t see either of you there, but props to that “insecure awkward looking bitch” for getting so under your skin that instead of writing about how fun and awesome the fest was you chose to write about her. Lucky bitch… I kinda wish I knew her. Anyway, props to Johnny Rad fest I had a blast. THanks for the pics!

21 07 2008

Is this an article about the music or a frickin’ gossip column? Johnny Rad Fest was the shit and let’s just keep it at that. Where can I find more photos?

21 07 2008

I hear ya girl, but don’t forget is a “blog.” Blogs are meant to be personal and open for commentary. You can find more photos on the Johnny Rad myspace. Here you go! Thanks.

21 07 2008

i agree with annalee, i came to read more about the amazing music i heard at the event…and maybe about other great upcoming shows, etc, this is a music blog right? i say more music less drama! (although i would have loved to see a girl fight- kind of the perfect end to a 3 day music binge dont ya think?)
and regarding your panties -its ‘they’re’ not ‘their’…hows that for a lil ‘knowledge & life experience’.

21 07 2008

Thanks Ashley, I’ve never been good at contractions, thank God for copy editors. And no, this isn’t a music blog. If you read the ‘about me” section it states: Grimy Goods is a Web blog dedicated to music and skateboarding, with a few random tid bits in between, all set to make you laugh, mad and sometimes aroused …

And that is exactly what the blog does.

21 07 2008

Sandy, keep doing what you’re doing. I love your site, it always makes me laugh and your taste in music is awesome. Put up some more funny pics under Hot Vs. Not!!!!!!

And blogs indeed are personal and opinionated, that’s what they are for! Everything is always up for discussion in this crazy world we live in. Otherwise it’d be quite boring, don’t you think?

22 07 2008

Sandy you could of wrote about how Hot I looked putting on this event with Ernie.
Anyway beside the episode of 90210, For anyone wondering I am already working on Johnny Rad Fest 2. .It will be next year around the same time.
Until then I do Dj sets as the Clean cuts and I try to put on a good show once a month.. Aug 7th I will be setting up a show with Brimstone Howl at the Ken Club. They were going to play at the rad fest but it ended up not working out.. They are a great rock n roll band, if you are into Reigning Sound , Black Lips, and such you should come check them out. I will continue try to bring underground rock bands from around the world to San Diego for all of you so please come out and support the scene. So these rad bands will want to make San Diego a destination.
Also Don’t forget to go Check Out Jay Reatard at the Casbah with Cheap Time at the end of the month.
Thanks Tyrone

22 07 2008
The "Hater"

I’ve had about enough of this, Sandy. As if the other night wasn’t bad enough, you have chosen the slander route on your “safe haven” blog. You are only instigating and perpetuating an already sour situation, which is testament to the type of person you are. I don’t want to put you in a general category of being a tyrant, as I’m sure you can be a nice girl. The unfortunate matter is that you didn’t demonstrate any kindness or manners while at the “lil after-party”, so how I was I to see beyond that? You managed to rub all the guests the wrong way by being the first to make snide comments, including insulting the host, who happens to be my boyfriend and a very sweet guy. Some people chose to go home rather than deal, some rolled their eyes and bit their tongue. I on the otherhand look at it differently. You chose to make waves despite the fact that the major consensus of the group was in the mood to chill and not engage in your self-righteous debate. You refused to read the crowd and you kept insulting everyone. If you want to be a hard knock music critic, smash everyone else’s opinion to the ground in a very abrasive manner and be the one to initiate the insults, I say you need to roll with the punches…literally…..even if it is an “old hag” that had to be the first to deliver it. I am done with this childish shit. Point Blank. Chalk it up as a fucked up ending to a Jack Daniels’ induced rock fest and try a little harder to let it roll….

22 07 2008

I think your comment is full of nonsense but I’m not one to erase anyone’s words, even if it puts me in bad light.

Sometimes music conversations are heated, that’s it. And all (5) people had a bold opinion! Wow, who gives a shit. “To each their own,” as I recall saying. Funny thing, no one “bit their toungue,” everyone had an opinion about the music they liked and that’s great! I welcome it and maybe you should too. In fact, the only time any conversation was heated was inside the house for agood 5 minutes. “If you’re gona enlist yourself in a heated conversation, which is now like talking about politics, I say “you need to roll with the punches.” And not literally because that is for the classless folk that have no facts to support their commentary and feel the need to hate.

After that, nothing negative was going on. We all were just chillin’ outside having a good time, wishing for cigarettes. I wasn’t even conversating with you until you just decided to call me out for no apparent reason. Petty with the panties. But as you called it, I guess a “a Jack Daniels induced rock fest” does that for you. I wouldn’t know, no Jack here.

The only peeps that left were a cute couple (going to bone). Leaving us with the arrival of 3 more dudes, one who had just gotten into a fight himself. Needless to say, my conversations with them were cool as fuck. We were gonna walk to the liquor store to get you all smokes! How nice … Things were good and fine, until YOU decided to insult me for no legit reason. And at that you had to result to violence. Which most defenitely, “you are only instigating and perpetuating an already sour situation, which is testament to the type of person you are.” Practice what you preach.

And I never insulted your so-called “boyfriend,” but have always been kind to him. Even so much to put them in a magazine this month and have them play a sold-out event I threw last month. And amongst all this madness I’m still giving them a mention in another mag this August, must be for his better half. Sucks that you had to be mean and bottle up some anger towards me because of either my views and chosen words in music, or just pure jealousy. Now that relationship is tainted.

I will be closing this now “90210” blog cause it has gotten ridiculous, but thank you all your 718 hits yesterday. Hope you enjoyed the entertainment.

PS – Just so you know (Ms. Hater) for future reference: all blogs and Web sites have a whole slew of interesting visitor stats. Nice attempt at FAKING two previous comments (Anonymous and Annalee). Once I click on you IP adress, all other comments you’ve ever made on grimygoods show up. I usually don’t notice this shit, but I had a hunch with you.

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