The Anatomy of a Hipster

23 07 2008

This shit is just way too funny to not post, and so sadly true. Even though I got a ton of friends that dress in this manner, or more so just bits and pieces of it. ha! Props to Listen Skateboards for apparently coming up with this.




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1 08 2008
The Anatomy of an Emo « Grimy Goods

[…] Anatomy of an Emo 1 08 2008 Yet another trend we all like to poke fun at. First the hipster, and now the anatomy of an emo. Some of these styles just take it a little too far, but if it […]

26 08 2008
Sunset Junction 2008 Photos « Grimy Goods

[…] going to a crazy carnival of fun! No joke … people watching galore. A little to many annoying “hipsters” for me but I sure did have a great time, even though I was deathly tired and felt like a zombie. […]

6 08 2009
Hipsters, And Why Nobody Likes Them « Grimy Goods

[…] 6 08 2009 First it was “emo,” then it was “scene” and now it’s “hipster.” No matter which way you look at these style genres, they’re all pretty lame and have clearly […]

7 10 2009

This is gold

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