Lil Wayne Trying to cop the Stones

25 07 2008

Funny: as I’m reading this news release on this rapper Lil Wayne, it reminds me of a couple weekends ago when my friend was making fun of me because I didn’t know who Lil Wayne was. Lil Wayne, Lil John, Lil Mama: really, can any rap artists today be any more original? So I checked his music out, and just as I expected-so not diggin it (it’s actually kinda annoying). They don’t make hip hop like they used to, and until they start doing it again I could care less. Bring back that 90’s shit.

Anywho, Lil Wayne has been sued for allegedly releasing an altered version of a Rolling Stones song without proper permission. Don’t “play with fire” son! More info here.




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11 08 2008
“Fuck Lil Wayne” « Grimy Goods

[…] Lil Wayne” 11 08 2008 Seems like this crap rapper Lil Wayne just keeps on stepping on all the toes of some kick ass rock n’ rollers. First the whole […]

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