X Games Big Air Final Results

31 07 2008

Damn, the shit was intense. Friends competing against friends, and roomates against roomates. But in the end all’s well and ends well. Burnquist dropped in for a switch backside ollie over the 70-foot gap, to indy 360 on the quarterpipe earning him a first place finish with a score of 96.00. Mad props to Jake Brown for coming in hot and holding it down in the bronze, showing he is still crazy as ever, slam or no slam. Throwing down a backside no-grab 360 to an 18- feet-eight-inch high mctwist on the quarterpipe with a score of 91.33! I wonder how that wrist is feeling! Check the ESPN Skate blog for more goods.

The man Danny Way got the silver and had a gnarley slam too! Check it below!

Final Results:

1. Bob Burnquist Sao Paulo, Brazil 96.00
2. Danny Way San Diego, Calif. 94.00
3. Jake Brown Carlsbad, Calif. 91.33
4. Andy Macdonald San Diego, Calif. 83.33
5. Adam Taylor Cocoa Beach, Fla. 34.66
6. Pierre-Luc Gagnon Carlsbad, Calif. 1.00




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