Guns N Roses Vs. LA Blogger

29 08 2008

Bettah watch yo back bloggers with what you put up on those very popular blogs of yours. God knows I get a bunch of shit from losers with no taste in music for putting down their favorite bands. For some reason my bashing on the Kotton Mouth Kings, still gets so many hits. I guess they have a big following (like 100 people) out in the midwest and the Aussie outback from what my statistics tell me. Hobunk trailor park trash resides everywhere, even in Aus. Well enough about that. Check out this latest shit on Guns N’ Roses and the blogger who leaked their new music! Thanks Scott for your witty contribution.


"Where is Slash when I need him?"

First let me say I am a huge Guns and Roses fan! Appetite For Destruction is one of the Greatest Rock albums of the last 20 Years.
However this FUCKTARD AXL ROSE is just well destroying the name!

I mean seriously what has it been 14 years since the album was supposed to come out? Now the FBI arrest Kevin for posting it on his site? Come on!

AXL no one cares anymore, I have respect for what you did but move on! Seriously without the rest of the crew its really not G’N’R it is some fat dude with Braids that throws a fit every-time he doesn’t get his way!

So go back to eating Big Mac’s and braiding your hair and just let the fans have the music to see if its even worthy of your stupid fucking attitude! Read more here.

ok bye bye



He Needs Sex

28 08 2008

For those of you that are looking to contribute some good will to those in need, please watch this informative video. It will change your life and you’ll end up doing a good deed. His name is Tosh and he wants it … Help a brotha out:

Etnies GvR 2008

28 08 2008

The highly awaited and fanfuckintastic etnies Goofy Vs Regular is a commin’. Besides the great skating to be seen at the etnies’ Skatepark of Lake Forest, Sol Tech has always provided for some stellar entertainment. With the past couple years enlisting sound legends The Beastie Boys and the rockin’ Yeah Yeah Yeahs, this year they proudly announce Bad Religion.

Legendary punk rock band, Bad Religion, will take the stage at etnies’ annual Goofy vs. Regular (GvR) skateboarding contest on Saturday October 4, 2008 in Lake Forest, Calif.

As a leader in the punk rock movement since the 1980’s, Bad Religion’s music has been featured in countless skateboarding videos throughout the years. They will be performing a free private show for the etnies GvR at 8:00 p.m. in the parking lot above the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest. While the concert is free, tickets are required for admission and are available at select etnies retailers throughout Southern California. Stay tuned for more information on tickets for this special performance.

Sunset Junction 2008 Photos

27 08 2008

Be aware, when you go to Sunset Junction, you’re going to a crazy carnival of fun! No joke … people watching galore. A little to many annoying “hipsters” for me but I sure did have a great time, even though I was deathly tired and felt like a zombie. Good music, good food, good people, good rides and good Keys, The Black Keys that is (not surprised right? ha). While battling a hangover derived from the So Co Music Experience the night before, I somehow managed to spill and entire can of Tecate in my purse. Backstage ran out of beer, so I ran to the bar across the way, bought a can and chucked it in my purse thinking it was a “closed” can. Nope! Buh-bye ipod. Sandy needs a new ipod! But don’t fear, I still got the sickest music collection backed up on the itunes and such.

Sweet memories and the sweetest view. Check out all the exciting photos here!


Death Bowl To Downtown Hits LA

27 08 2008

After two years looking through film, video, magazine, and photo archives, the Death Bowl to Downtown was finally created. It was already featured in its home of New York and now it’s ready to go on tour. Check out the evolution of skateboarding in the NYC in this awesome documentary directed by Coan Nichols and Rick Charnoski, narrated by the sexy Chloe Sevigny. Get on it!

Southern Comfort Music Experience San Diego Photos

26 08 2008

The So Co Music Experience in SD was super cool this year, especially since The Black Keys played! I wish we could have gotten there earlier,as I would have loved to have seen Grand Old Party, Kinky and Lady Dottie and The Diamonds, but it was a hell of a busy weekend. Needless to say, we partied it up in the VIP area with a shit load of free drinks, followed by some backstage fun (and more drinks). Thanks So Co for the MASSIVE hang-over!

The Black Keys put on a stellar performance as always! These guys are just the fuckin shit! Dan is a legend in the making and Pat kills it on the drums, crazy octopus man! Click here for some fun photos! And check out their closing song “I got mine” live, in all it’s entirety below. Absolutely sick!

Oh yeah, as for Common I was thoroughly disappointed. I’ve always been a fan, especially in his “Like Water for Chocolate Days” and “Electric Circus,” but what I saw Saturday night certainly was not the Common I remember. Homeboy played a bunch of mash ups of other people’s music and acted like a typical rapper backstage having his HOT assistant or what have you, pat all the sweat off his body and physically change his shirt for him as though he were a helpless two-year old. I certainly didn’t see The Black Keys pull that shit.

Check back tomorrow for some even better pics from Sunset Junction!

Guest Vocals

22 08 2008

Of all the pathetic rap music that infiltrates are airways today, this tight little piece explains it all. And if that ain’t the troof! Enough said …

Thanks to Kristang for sending.