SoCo Music Experience San Diego 2008

1 08 2008

If you don’t go to this awesome FREE show, you’re just plain out stoops! Southern Comfort, the drink we all loved to suckle on mixed with some Rose’s lime juice back in college has been throwing the SoCo Music Experience for the past 4 years. So check it out San Diego: August 23 in the Petco Parking lot, two stages of great music! You gotta be 21 for this, sorry kiddies ! A $5 donation is requested at the door to benefit the San Diego Music Foundation: support your local music. For a SoCo Music Experience near you click here.

The set times are as followed: (The Black Keys are a must see!)


4:30 – Grand Ole Party
6:00 – Saul Williams
7:30 – Kinky
9:00 – The Black Keys
10:30 – Common


3:15 – The Burning of Rome
4:00 – Lady Dottie & The Diamonds
5:30 – Buddy Akai
7:00 – The Silent Comedy
8:30 – Shark Attack




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