X Games 14 Photos

4 08 2008

The X Games were hot! Literally! Good times, good skating and good friends, but it definitely wasn’t as exciting or fun as the Maloof Money Cup.

Click here for some photos of the street skating comp and fun times. Also, check out Chris Nieratko’s EXPN blog on all the skating and stuff that went down at the X Games 14.

Men’s Street:

1. Ryan Sheckler San Clemente, Calif. 92.00
2. Paul Rodriguez Northridge, Calif. 90.91
3. Greg Lutzka Huntington Beach, Calif. 87.50
4. Chris Cole San Marcos, Calif. 86.00
5. Rodolfo Ramos Florianapolis, Brazil 81.91
6. Jereme Rogers Los Angeles, Calif. 77.33

Women’s Street:

1. Elissa Steamer San Francisco, Calif 87.83
2. Marisa Del Santo Chicago, Ill. 81.50
3. Amy Caron Huntington Beach, Calif. 80.00
4. Rachel Reinhard Colorado Springs, Colo. 78.00
5. Leticia Bufoni Sao Paulo, Brazil 77.00
6. Vanessa Torres Silver Lake, Calif 65.08
7. Evie Bouilliart Huntington Beach, Calif. 60.33
8. Lorena Lima Sayreville, N.J. 46.83
9. Lauren Perkins Huntington Beach, Calif. 42.83
10. Sophie Poppe Destelbergen, Belgium 23.25




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6 08 2008
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[…] Falls 40 ft. at Trabuco Hills High 6 08 2008 I thought the X Games were over! Apparently this kid didn’t get the memo when he tried to pull a Jake Brown and fell […]

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