Ambassador Street Skate Plaza

29 09 2008

LA shredders rejoice! You just got yourselves your first (legal) street skate spot!

The Ambassador Street Skate Plaza in Wilmington, CA had its ribbon cut and its cherry popped on Saturday, September 27th. Daewon Song, P. Rod, and some of the DVS team made it out for its inauguration to sign some decks, throw around some swag, and push around a bit. The park looks to be a tight place and a convenient locale. What else could a shred ask for? Grease up dem bearings and git out ‘dere!

Props to Spohn Ranch Skateparks for makin’ the magic happen.

Check out some photos of the event here.



From the Jam Cancells North American Tour

25 09 2008

From the porn industry to the music industry this depression of the millennium is fuckin’ with everything. I can deal with a few inconveniences that quickly drain the weight of my wallet, but don’t fuck with my music. From The Jam was set to go out a North American Tour, although sans Paul Weller, they were comin’ up pretty well. Apparently the recession has dipped it’s grimy hands into them. Check out the band’s statement below:

It is with great regret that we announce that the band’s North American tour has been cancelled.

This is with immediate effect and results from the current economic climate with extra costs across the board making our proposed schedule non-viable.

The band has not taken this decision lightly and everything has been done to try to avoid this course of action. We very much hope to reschedule this tour for next year – any new dates will be announced first here.

With our very best wishes to all,
From The Jam

Lakai’s Final Flare Countdown Begins

25 09 2008

Oh chit, Lakai’s bustin’ through with yet another explosive addition. Check it out: Lakai Limited Footwear presents the Fully Flared Deluxe Addition. A three-disc box set coppin’ one HD Blu-Ray Disc and 2 SD DVD Discs. This must have box set comes with a whole slew of goods featuring: “Fully Flared”, a photo galley, a photo booklet, alternate edits, unseen footy, and an epic 60-minute documentatry they like to call, “Behind The Flare.” The countdown has started so prepare to be flared. Check the trailer below:

Nike Kicks out the Homeless

25 09 2008

Looks like the big fat corpo giant that was once just a bulky basketball brand, yet now boasts a shit load of skateboarding, is greedy for more! But this time at the expence of some homeless peeps in Japan. Miyashita Park, a public park in central Tokyo is soon to become (you guessed it) “Nike Park.” You know, I was never a fan of Nike as part of my personal steez, I guess I just correlate it too much with a certain “other” style, but they have done a phenomenal job of jumping on the skateboarding bandwagon and enticing a bunch of idiots to collect their trendy Dunks and what not. Nonetheless, I think the 34 homeless heads in Miyashita park would be pleasantly delighted to view some live skating going on in their very own back yard. Maybe Nike will have a kind heart and let the homeless homies lurk about and chill with the skaters, I’m sure the skaters won’t mind. If anything, I know my friends would probably just shoot the shit with them and smoke some bluntz.

Iggy and the Stooges got a TV EYE on the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame

24 09 2008

Is it lucky number sleven for Iggy and the Stooges? They got passes up the first 6 times, but I gotta feeling the Michiganites will lay down the law of what rock really is and claim “success.” Up against Metallica, Run-D.M.C., Jeff Beck, Chic, Wanda Jackson, Little Anthony and the Imperials, War and Bobby Womack, I say to myself, who the fuck are some of these people! It is the Rock n’ Roll hall of fame right? Down for Metallica, down for Run-DMC and down for Jeff Beck, but the Iggy reigns over all, ultimatley. He’s one of the most iconic and influential figures in rock n’ roll, giving root to a variety of genres.

Switchin’ from the swanky Walforf Astoria in New York to the Public Hall in Cleveland, Ohio, the induction ceremony will take place April 4, and tickets to the ceremony will, for the first time, be made available to the public. Some significant changes there sure to stretch today’s weak ass American dollar.

The Stooges were nominated in 1997, 1998, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007. I’m still amazed that they have yet to be inducted, I guess a few too many on that committee don’t know rock n’ roll.

The Best Female Fronted Bands

23 09 2008

The power of the noni, and I ain’t talkin’ about that acai berry knock off (although it’s pretty damn good), I’m talking about women! There’s some bad ass chicks that just fuckin rock and own the crowd before them. From way back in the 60’s to today’s queens of rock, both men and women alike appreciate the music that these v-cards put out.

So I came by this post on IGN, “7 Female-Fronted Rock Bands That Kick Butt.” Granted they got brownie points for Big Brother and the Holding Company (although they don’t make my top), the band that brought Joplin into the light, along with Blondie and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs,-but other than that, blah: and why 7?

Here’s my top ten female fronted bands that kick ass (in no particular order):

(no solo artists, otherwise Mrs. Smith would be in there)

Jefferson Airplane (when Grace Slick fronted 1966–1974)


The Sounds

The Kills

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Distillers

The Runaways


Siouxsie and the Banshees

Sahara Hot Nights

Led Zeppelin to Replace Robert Plant?????

23 09 2008

I fuckin love love love Jimmy Page, but it sure ain’t the same with out Plant. So why would anyone go to a Zeppelin show with out either one? Yep, the Led Zeppelin reunion tour rumors are back, in the end I still do think that they will come back to play a few more shows, perhaps all this speculation is just some well drawn out publicity, hypin’ us up.  But you gotta give it to them Brit journalists, they’re just so damn good at starting rumors. They got me! But then again I’m biased to anything Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin tour without Robert Plant? Dave Grohl to replace Plant? Led Zeppelin to now be called the Houses Of The Holy? bahahahaha … read all the shit here.