Roky Erickson Halloween!

29 10 2008

Just another lil reminder of Roky Erickson’s tour that’s been going on with the Black Angels. This is gonna be a great show, and what better time for Roky to perform than Halloween. Get your tickets NOW while they’re still available! See you at the El Rey!


Nintendo’s Wii Music

28 10 2008

I can’t get over how many of my friends love Nintendo Wii. Even my girlfriends like to go bowling on the Wii all sozzled. I’m still not one for video games, but I do like Guitar Hero and perhaps this new shit. Nintendo has brought in “Wii Music.” And no it’s not the crazy thrashin, that we all love on Guitar Hero or Rock band, but perhaps can be. It actually allows for more creativity than that. It’s super air drums, air guitar, air violin, air flute, air whatevs. Check out the video demo here.

Wii Music brings more than 60 instruments to your living room, where youre free to experiment with them in a variety of different ways. Unlike other music video games, Wii Music lets you put your own spin on songs. Its all about improvisation, creativity and fun. The goal is to explore your inner musician to find creative and interesting new blends of instruments, tempos and styles.

Read the full press relase here.

La La Land

28 10 2008

La la land! No, not LA (Los Angeles for you middle Americaners), but It’s yet another music related Web site. But apparently they just started selling songs for 10 cents each, beating itunes 99 cent picks. But there is a catch of course. Lala sells “Web songs,” which you can play as often as you want but never can download to your computer. However, you can spend an additional 79 cents to 89 cents to purchase a digital rights-free version of that Web song that can be burned to a CD or transferred to an mp3 player, including an iPod.

It’s like “lease to buy.” In the end, if you like the song, you end up spending just about the same if not more that with itunes or amazon. I say fuck that shit and stick with what you know is good. I hate being overwhelmed with options especially when there really is no differnce. You can stream almost anything for free these days and then opt to buy it.

I love

Musicians Turned Filmakers

28 10 2008

So I often peep other blogs of common interest and every so often I’ll track them back if it’s of some good. I’m always intersted when it’s a musician turn anything, whether it’s actor, skater, porn star, etc. This time I found a good pick on “Ten Musician Turned Filmmakers.” They picked a cool selection of goods on there including Bob Dylan, Niel Young, Ray Manzarek, and just for laughs (at least to me), they even picked that dork Fred Durst! Check out their list here and peep one of the flicks fo show. I reccommend Rob Zombie’s “House of 1000 Corpses,” cause I’m crazy like that and have dreams of dismembering people while I lay in my pretty bed snuggling up to my Ugly Doll in a pink princess nightie.

Skate 2 Official Roster

27 10 2008

Not only has the official soundtrack to Electronic Arts’ heavily anticipated Skate 2 been released, but so has the official line-up! Cardiel, Marc Johnson, Chris Haslam, Braydong Szafranski, Dennis Buzenits, and MORE! Check out the teaser below introducing all the pros featured in this game.

Peep the Cool Soundtrack for “Skate it” and “Skate 2”

27 10 2008

Just like skate vids, apparently dope skateboarding video games have a kick ass soundtrack as well. Check out the 52 eclectic songs featured on Electronic Arts’ (EA) up and coming Skate It and Skate 2. From Motorhead, Wu Tang, The Clash, and Louis XIV, you pretty much got a gumbo of goods: Read the full press release here.

See below for the entire Skate 2 soundtrack. Songs included in Skate It are marked with a ‘1’.

Althea & Donna Uptown Top Ranking
Anubis Anubis
ASG The Dull Blade
Awesome Snakes

I Want A Snake1

Black Sabbath Symptom Of The Universe
Black Tide Shockwave
China Creeps Stay On Or Die
Cut Chemist


D.R.I. Beneath The Wheel
Dayton Sidewinders

Go Ahead On1

Dragonforce Heroes Of Our Time
ELO Show Down
Fujiya & Miyagi


Gang Starr

Step In The Arena1

Gaslight Anthem

I’da Called You Woody, Joe1

Goons Of Doom She Wore Rat Skin Boots
Guilty Simpson Piglets
High Tension Wires They Fall Apart
Judas Priest

Freewheel Burning1

Korrupted Hoodlums S.K.A.T.E.
Koushik feat. Percee P

Cold Beats1

LL Cool J

Rock The Bells1

Louis XIV

Guilt By Association1

McRad Weakness
Money Your Love

For Kristoffer1

Motorhead Eat The Rich
Nas Made You Look
Oh No Heavy
One Man Army It’s Empty
Ponce De Leon

Gator Jaws1

Public Enemy Harder Than You Think
Queen Sea Big Shark

Hold Your Hand1

Radio Reelers Runnin Out
Rage Against The Machine Sleep Now In The Fire
Riverboat Gamblers Uh Oh!
Sam & Dave Hold On, Im Comin
Sly & The Family Stone

Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)1

Stiff Little Fingers Alternative Ulster
Suicidal Tendencies

Possessed 2 Skate1

T.S.O.L. Superficial Love
Teenage Bottlerocket Crashing
Texas Thieves Los Pool Riders
The Clash

Death Or Glory1

The Riptides Return To Blood Beach
The Specials

Ghost Town1

Tickled Pink Reach Out And Give Me Your Hand
Underground Railroad To Candyland Square Ball

Low Rider1

Wu-Tang Clan Protect Ya Neck
Year Long Disaster

Leda Atomica1

Youth Brigade I Hate My Life

“All Aboard” A Tribute to Johnny Cash

27 10 2008

There’s a lot of “tribute” albums out there: some good, and some bloody awful. Anchorless Records has put out a tribute album to the ultimate man in black, Johnny Cash. The album labeled “All Aboard” has a pretty kickin 16-track selection of some of Cash’s best. Stream the entire album for FREE here and check it for yourself. A few stand outs are The Bouncing Souls, Hot Water Music, Russ Rankin (Good Riddance), and The Dresden Dolls (awesome).

Although there were a few I skipped right through after a few chords and vocals, the album’s worth a buy.

Extra Goods:

There’s a BONUS TRACK!

The liner notes include quotes from each contributing artist expressing what Johnny Cash, meant to them both musically and personally.

All proceeds from this record will go to the Syrentha Savio Endowment, a non-profit providing assistance to underprivileged breast-cancer patients.

  1. Man In Black: The Bouncing Souls
  2. Country Boy: Fallen >From The Sky
  3. Wreck Of The Old ’97: Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music)
  4. Let The Train Whistle Blow: Joe McMahon (Smoke or Fire)
  5. Delia’s Gone: Ben Nichols (Lucero)
  6. God’s Gonna Cut You Down: The Gaslight Anthem
  7. Cocaine Blues: The Loved Ones
  8. Give My Love To Rose: OnGuard (feat. Jason Shevchuk of Kid Dynamite and None More Black)
  9. I Still Miss Someone: Casey James Prestwood (Hot Rod Circuit)
  10. Hey Porter: MxPx
  11. Cry,Cry,Cry: The Flatliners
  12. Ballad of a Teenage Queen: The Dresden Dolls feat. Franz Nicolay of The Hold Steady
  13. Folsom Prison Blues: Chon Travis (Love = Death)
  14. There You Go: The Sainte Catherines
  15. I Walk The Line: Russ Rankin (Good Riddance, Only Crime)
  16. Bonus Track/Vinyl Only: Delia’s Gone (Alternate Version) Ben Nichols (Lucero)