etnies GvR Skate and Party Madness!

2 10 2008

etnies Goofy Vs. Regular kicks off today! The biggest one yet filled with a shit load of amazing skaters, mad partying, music, in-game footage of etnies GvR in the upcoming Skate 2, live Web cast, and much much more! This event is gonna be nuts, so make sure you check the GvR Web site for updates.

Saturday’s VIP after-party should be heapz of fun considering all the free booze they put out last year, I’m sure they’ll fill our alcohol thirsty tummy’s again this year. Not to mention music coming from seminal punk band BAD RELIGION!! “80 – 85” is all I gots to say. Oh and they also have some cheezy electro candy band by the name of Hyper Crush playing. I saw them perform at Lutzka’s bday party a few months back and I was amused. But hey, at least the chick in the band is boobylicious!

Also, the rumor has been confirmed! A super special pre-party with “all you can handle alcohol” is going off Saturday (invite only)! So yeah, shit’s gonna be crazy all day long! Hydrate the night before, you’re gonna need it. See you there!




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