Bamboo Toruture or Bamboo Skateboards?

14 10 2008

In certain regions of China, fast growing bamboo may reach growth rates of 3 feet per day. Taking grotesque advantage of the plant, the Chinese once used bamboo to skewer criminals. That’s right, they wold toruture those they deemed “criminals” with bamboo. The victim was tied across a field of bamboo plant with pointed tips. By dangling above the bamboo, they could watch the plant slowly grow into them (and through them).

On a lighter note, how about putting the good of bamboo into skateboards (not bodies). They’re totally sustainable and can pop pretty long (so I’ve heard). None the less, they gotta be pretty fuckin stong and durable if they can shoot through someone’s body! Check out Bamboo Skateboards for some more info on what they’re all about and how they ride! “God Save the Green”




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