Top 20 Ugliest Celebrities

16 10 2008

So I came across this blog about the “20 Ugliest Celebrities,” take away the money, plastic surgery and air brushing and I think we can ad a few more zeros to that number. With Micheal Jackson topping the list on the numero uno spot, you’ll also find a few other fuglies on there. The shit’s pretty funny and I couldn’t agree more with most, but please take my beloved Iggy off the list. His face may not be the most delicate looking, but after all the drugs, smoking and wild times he’s had, what do you expect? And check out the man’s bod! At 61(even at 21) he’s got the tightest, fittest lil bod than most 21-year-old boys don’t even have! And he plane out is legend! Made some of the best music to ever grace our planet …




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