Baaaahumbug to Adidas

4 12 2008

How can a huge corpo giant that makes waaaay too much money take Christmas away from their employees? Wasn’t jumping on the skateboarding bandwagon good for them? Perhaps they rather spend those dollas on featuring at least 10 high profile faces on their NEW one-minute “Original House Party” commercial. I wonder how much each of those peeps  they sponsor (Missy Elliot, David Beckham,  Russel Simmons, etc.) got for such a commercial? Yet they have no funds for a nice company Christmas party, not even a lil “House Party”???

Sole Tech to the rescue! The kind people at Etnies are throwing a party for the employees of Adidas! And we all know Etnies throws THE best parties! PBR and mistletoe kisses for all!

Even CNBC blogged about it! ha





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