Metric’s New Album is Coming! “Fantasies”

5 02 2009

metic_emilyMany try to imitate but they surely can’t create, such a dope ass female fronted band as Metric (everyone else in the quartet is male). Front woman, Emily Haines has a sick style and voice to match. From “Grow up and Blow Away” to “Live it Out,” the music they’ve put out is sexy, stylish, smooth, and flat out rockin’. I’m sure many faithful fans are happy to hear that after four years they’re finally coming out with a new album. We’ve been so sick of all them Metric knock-offs and truly crave that lovely voice that Emily has.

Metric is announcing it’ll return with its fourth full-length album, “Fantasies” — which will be available for pre-order on their Web site I Love Metric on March 2nd, and in stores April 14th.

In a video interview posted on the band’s site, Emily says she did her “simplest and clearest” writing in Buenos Aires — where she traveled to escape the din of new music coming out of New York and the UK — including the first song she penned there, “Help I’m Alive.” And who could blame her: Argentina is amazing and all this new music has become so stale. As always, I’m sure she’s come up with some innovative goods that many will cop.

Listen to their first single “Help I’m Alive” here.

Check out a live video of their new track “Give Me Sympathy” here.

For more news on Metric read here.




4 responses

11 02 2009

Emily is fuckin sexy. I hear this blog owner is too.

12 02 2009

I think you’re right. actually crazy fuckin sexy from what i hear…..

9 06 2009
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