Smell The ‘Crete Premiere

31 03 2009

Skateboarding, music, drinks, Hollywood … sounds good. I guess I’ll go get “weird” with it and maybe you should too.

Check it yo!



Where the Wild Things Are

31 03 2009

Not just because I loved this book when I was kid, not just because I have an obsession with the unknown and different worlds, not just because it’s an Arcade Fire song playing up in the trailer (they actually cut it with David Bowie too), but maybe because my super talented animation genius of a cousin sculpted some of the monsters in this flick. Aaaand because of all of the above!

“Where the Wild Things Are” Yay! This makes me a very happy girl. I can’t wait to check it.

Coachella Friday SOLD OUT!

31 03 2009

113Oh dayum, recession or not, looks like the people have spoken and they want their music. Or perhaps it’s Sir Paul McCartney they want?

Friday, April 17th, the kick off to Coachella is SOLD OUT suckas. With musicians such as Franz Ferdinand, Morrissey, Paul McCartney, Silversun Pickups, The Black Keys and many more gracing the stages, you best hope you got the cash to shell out for a 3-day cause the Friday singles are sold the fuck out.

A hefty price for a 3-day ($269 plus fees) but well worth the music. And when I say that, if you’re a freakin’ tryhard that has found a sudden interest in music because it’s now the “cool” thing to do, drop that US Weekly and get tickets to the Britany come back show! Coachella’s about music not any other bull shit.

There’s nothing that I hate more than stoops bitches and douche bags taking up a good view. My last experience at Coachella (06′) some dumb chick in stilletos, stepped on my poor lil big toe (who the fuck where’s stilletos on a polo field?). I had to spend the next day of Coachella with less than half a nail on my toe. Thank god for the heavy pours in the VIP area. It was a liquid numm numm.

Here’s a few pics from my last Coachella:

The Kills

26 03 2009

I love this song

I love this vid

I love this band

I can’t wait to see them again, this time at Coachella.

Active Goes Bankrupt!

26 03 2009

I remember way back in the day (the 90’s) when Active and Utility Board Shop first started out and the rivalry between them. Both coming from the same areas in or around the IE.

Growing up in Upland, you either shopped at one or the other, not both. Active always seemed like the “surfer bra” type of shop, where as Utility was more-so for the skater and a bit more “real.”

As Active built upon it’s empire the past few years, Utility expanded but in a more “reasonable” way. I guess “Active” sold themselves out a little too far, I mean “spread themselves out a little too far,” cause now they are Chapter 11: Broke as fuck.

Such a shame, I wonder how Utility’s doing?

Active’s rapid expansion over the past few years required significantly more investment and financial resources – while revenues essentially stayed the same.

As result, Active is projected to record a $7.7 million loss for the fiscal year ending March 31.

Read all about the monetary blunder at SHOP-EAT-SURF.COM


It’s a “Bamboo Banga!”

20 03 2009

miaAt least year’s Bonnaroo she had told the crowd, “this is my last show …” thus giving fans the notion of an ealy retirement. My bullshit detector had alerted me then she’d be back ( I have a vey good bullshit detector) and she most certainly is:


I don’t think I could get any more happier about attending

eh, actually I can …

Skateboarding’s Jour de Chance

20 03 2009

So a friend sends me this vid last night …. pretty fuckin nuts!

Real or some real good editing skills. Check it out, skater gets clobbered by an SUV and walks away.