Active Goes Bankrupt!

26 03 2009

I remember way back in the day (the 90’s) when Active and Utility Board Shop first started out and the rivalry between them. Both coming from the same areas in or around the IE.

Growing up in Upland, you either shopped at one or the other, not both. Active always seemed like the “surfer bra” type of shop, where as Utility was more-so for the skater and a bit more “real.”

As Active built upon it’s empire the past few years, Utility expanded but in a more “reasonable” way. I guess “Active” sold themselves out a little too far, I mean “spread themselves out a little too far,” cause now they are Chapter 11: Broke as fuck.

Such a shame, I wonder how Utility’s doing?

Active’s rapid expansion over the past few years required significantly more investment and financial resources – while revenues essentially stayed the same.

As result, Active is projected to record a $7.7 million loss for the fiscal year ending March 31.

Read all about the monetary blunder at SHOP-EAT-SURF.COM





One response

15 04 2009

WOW maybe JW should of kept a closer eye on all that money he was hiding… or maybe being a “family” is more then just business… oh WELLLL!!!

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