Tony Hawk on “Dancing With The Stars” ???

30 04 2009

thawkLooks like the birdman got offered a healthy sum of cash to do “Dancing With The Stars.” Rumored some 175K! That’s a lot of money, but not enough to humiliate Tony.

From his Twitter:

“I received an official invitation to be on Dancing With The Stars this week. It is a lot of money for priceless humiliation. No thanks!”


Kifune Oystershot!

30 04 2009

In celebration of the day I was born (yesterday), the raddest Dutch import to ever hit LA took me to a dope lil sushi spot in Venice Beach. I highly recommend dining and drinking at Kifune. Delicious fresh sushi, cool chefs and a fun clientele.

I’ve never taken an oyster shot with a quail egg, and never had any desire to until last night. The chick next to us offered me one for my birthday. She said they were delicious and I HAD to try it. So I did and it was damn good, but super hard to take down. It took me three attempts to finally clear that monstrous shot glass filled with all sorts of oysters and goodies.

[rockyou id=136925972&w=500&h=250]

Give me MORE Black Lips!

30 04 2009

the_black_lips-0331I guess you can say we like the Black Lips here over at GrimyGoods. Actually, it’s more like any band that starts with the word “Black.”

The Black Lips will be rocking out this Saturday, May 2, along with openers Flowers Forever and The Strange Boys at the always awesome Glass House in Pomona, Calif. Love the sound and space there. As always, I’m sure the “Glass House Bar” (Acerogami Bar) will be in full effect that night, as will the show floor. Hollah if your going!

Special Goodness

29 04 2009

What a great day it’s been! Love the simple things that warm your heart.

Like Captain Beefheart says, “I’m Glad”

Birfday bouquets in da office: Thank You!

Live Music Line-up For May 2009

28 04 2009

live-musicCoachella may have kicked off the spring/summer festival season, but small live shows are looking good and plenty this season. So many things to do and people to see, yet such little time. These are Grimy’s hot picks for May 2009:

  • The Black Lips -May 2 at the Glass House in Pomona. Playing with Flowers Forever and The Strange Boys.
  • Strung Out – May 2 at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills. One of my favorite punk bands back in the 90’s!
  • Mogwai -May 16 at the Orpheum Theatre in LA. Never been to that venue (at least I don’t remember), but Mogwai is pretty amazing.
  • The New York Dolls -May 21 at the Fonda in Hollywood. Iconic 70’s glam punkers. If only Thunders was still around . . .
  • The Kills -May 22 at the Fonda in Hollywood. Awesome venue, awesome duo.
  • The Shins -May 10 a the Hollywood Paladium. Love The Shins, hate the Paladium. The sound there is awful.
  • The Spits – May 20 at Mr. T’s Bowl in LA. Never been to this venue, but I do love me some Spits. Reminds me of some crazy fun times in San Diego.
  • The Thermals -May 27 at the Troubador in West Hollywood. Intimate venue with a cool lil bar. Recently got into this band and I’m glad I did!
  • Propaghandi – May 31 at the Echoplex. I loved this band in high school! Would be great to see them again. “How to Clean up Everything”

All these bands are playing on various dates at various venues, so click on their names to see if they’re coming to a venue near you. If you know of a good show, drop me a line.

“Octo Pusses” at the New Image Art Gallery

27 04 2009
"Woman With Budgie" by Aaron Johnson

"Woman With Budgie" by Aaron Johnson

If you’re in the LA area this weekend,I highly recommend swinging by the New Image Art Gallery. They have an eclectic   group art show commencing this Saturday titled, “Octo Pusses.”

Featured Artists:

  • Neck Face
  • Cleon Peterson
  • Antonio Diaz
  • Judith Supine
  • Aaron Johnson
  • Gino Perez
  • Ben Jones

In the project room: “Horse Radish” by BAST

OPENING RECEPTION: Sat. May 2nd from 7 – 10pm
Show runs May 2 – 23, 2009

LOCATION: New Image Art
7908 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 654-2192

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GrimyGoods and Sandy on Twitter!

26 04 2009

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