Coachella 2009

20 04 2009

So Im just about to leave our desert oasis that so lavishly housed our soar, hungover and sunburned bodies. Coachella 2009 was my best yet! The line-up was insane, the people watching was hilarious and desert sun was vicious. I loved every second of it.

Check back for a proper Coacella 2009 review inclusive with some fun shots!




5 responses

21 04 2009
The Lord of Venice

Very nice diggs! Waiting to see all your Coachella pics but take it easy, I know today was surgery day. Hope you’re recovering well tough cookie. You’ll soon be back to hypnotzing with those “starry eyes.”

22 04 2009

Get well soon Sandy! We got the big “29” coming up for u!!! PS The llord of Venice he is a douche because I beat him at guitar hero!! And now I’m gonna kick his butt at some pool! xo

22 04 2009

Ah I take it you’re gettin that ojo surgery. Best of luck. Those eyes truly deserve to be perfect again. Get well hella quick.

22 04 2009
The Lord of Venice

Yo! You’re not answering texts, calls or any emails …. um please reply to something so I know all went well. Otherwise I’m gonna head up to your house for a surprise visit.

22 04 2009

I sorry! I’m okay though. My eye is all sort of swells and bruised. Hard to see.

Again, thank you for the orchid. Really made me feel special. ❤

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