Coachella 2009 Day 2

24 04 2009

jleto2Day two coming through! As dirty hot and sexy sweaty Saturday was, hitting the hundos, it was an eventful day. I would’ve like to have caught some Ida Maria and Billy Talent, but it’s just so hard to say no to mimosas and good beats by the pool with a bunch of fun people.

After getting tipsy and tan by the pool, we made our way to Coachella:
Wondered the field to see what those crazy Coachellans were up to. From hoola hooping, to hippie dancing and getting wet in the Do Lab, madness ensued from all styles of life.

  • Grabbed a tasty cocktail and planted ourselves in our VIP zone and chilled to the tunes of Paolo Nutini. Love that sexy Scott’s music! The sound was great, the vibe was sweet and the buzz was high.
  • Shot some pics of some Coachella peeps. What the fuck are some of these people thinking? You have the nerdy hipsters, the 90’s ravers, the almost naked hippies, and the way to dressy for Coachella girls!
  • Sweated it out with Amanda Palmer in the Gobi tent. It was okay, I definitely prefer The Dresden Dolls though, Brian just adds that extra pizzazz! Her cover of Muse’s “Time is Running Out” was pretty sweet though.
  • Off to TV on The Radio and what a sic performance it was. I think this was the only time I actually ventured to the front lines of the crowd since Cara is a huge fan. Was heaps of fun, but I prefer backstage/side stage or VIP, sorry I just can’t handle the stankness and the claustrophobia (unless I have to)! I actually met Kyp Malone and his beard back in the VIP. He is one cool cat.
  • After a few more cocktails we we’re ready to dance the night away to some Thievery Corporation. Holy shit, did they lay down the beats! I think our whole area was like American Band Stand, dance dance dancing with abnormally large smiles on our faces. Again, Thievery Corp just killed it!
  • Next up M.I.A.! Can’t tell you how pumped we were to get down to some crazy beats . . . unfortunately, and I hate to say it cause I’m such a fan of the bird, we were totally let down. All build up and foghorns, no flood of tunes. I danced, but I expected a whole lot more. I don’t know, maybe she was a bit bitter she wasn’t originally on the bill and was Amy Whinehouse’s replacement or perhaps she likes the intimacy of a tent as opposed to the main stage. I did enjoy however, when she mocked Whinehouse: she sang, to the tune of Winehouse’s “Rehab,” “They tried to make me do the Oscars. I said no, no, no.” That was badass. Still a huge fan regardless of the not-so-great performance, can’t win em’ all.
  • Between M.I.A. and The Killers, I missed a series of performances I would’ve like to been a part of, but I was just having too damn of a good time in our zone with our hordes of alcohol and good company.
  • Lastly, The Killers. I was never a huge fan, but I do like them and I must admit, Brandon Flowers is quite easy on the eyes. Fun drunk times indeed. The best part was seeing how whacked out of their heads my friends were, I was probably the most composed that night and mind you, I was drunk. Everyone else, well they were just FUBARED!

So who was on my Day 2 Coachooser you ask?

  • Ida Maria
  • Billy Talent
  • Paolo Nutini
  • Amanda Palmer
  • TV on The Radio
  • Thievery Corporation
  • Band of Horses
  • M.I.A.
  • The Chemical Brothers
  • Turbonegro
  • Glass Candy
  • The Killers

Who did I see of that list?

  • Paolo Nutini
  • Amanda Palmer
  • TV on The Radio
  • Thievery Corporation
  • M.I.A.
  • The Killers

Here’s a few fun shots for your viewing pleasure:




3 responses

24 04 2009

Coachella 2009 was the best yet by far!!!! Good times allaround 24-7

29 04 2009
Ashley Umg

Coachella was sickkkkk this year. I was really digging Ida Maria – I just found this cool blog about her and just wanted to share it with you: . Enjoy!

1 05 2009

Thanks! That’s a cool blog!

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