Venice How I Love Thee

26 04 2009

Oh Venice Beach how I love thee. Summer time is near and the clothing is becoming minimal however, today was a bit brisk. Met up with a friend at the “On The Waterfront Cafe.” The place was packed for some Sunday Funday action.

Saw an old face, made some new faces and laughed at many faces. Why the fuck must everyone in Venice own a pitbull? Is it like the cool little man complex thing to do? Today witnessed some trashy douche bag with a pitbull and a possee pick on some skinny nerdy fellow. Apparetly his dog was barking at his Pit or something. WTF! My friend’s two lil pooches were barking at everyone in sight. EVEN THIS IGNORANT DOUCHEBAG when he walked away.

Love Venice but hate the fuckin drunk dumb asses that come along with it. Standard at any So Cal beach. Good times nonetheless.

Blogging from my iPhone is grand, but I can’t cap my photos: Drank some yummie hefs, poochies barked at everyone, Tony fixed his flip flop with my hair tie, and I bought a bracelet from my liil dancing boys. Word Erps!




4 responses

26 04 2009
The Lord of Venice

Sandy, Sandy ….. In my hood and no phone call?

27 04 2009

was the amputated midget zooming by everyone on his skateboard? i miss him.

27 04 2009

Yeah, I saw him. He says he misses your sweet sweet touch.

27 04 2009


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