Newps is Stoops

9 05 2009

You know, every time I got to Newport Beach I really loathe it (although I do like that grimy hole-in-the-wall Cassidy’s). Especially on the peninsula near that Sharkeez and that District Lounge. Can you say douchebag-to-fakie, fo realz? That place just has no soul or variety. Like my girl Kristine says: “Everyone’s a clone of each other.”

Why wear a winter scarf in heat? Especially a dude! Check out my new post in the Hot Vs Not gallery.




3 responses

9 05 2009

You know what else is awesome? Salmon tshirts and male pattern baldness at 29. Stewey wanted you sooooo bad! Giggety!

9 05 2009

hahahahaha Fo realz! Poor guy, buggaboo baldy would not leave us alone!

9 05 2009

but he even did the running man for us! lol that must account for something? lol

newps is sooooo not the place to meet a dude.

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