If You Don’t Want a Wild One, Quit Hanging ’round With Me

14 05 2009

wild oneThose Darlins could not have said it better. “Wild One” is my new anthem. To all my potential suitors (if any), take this song as somewhat a warning. And to all you beautiful ladies who live lives that others dream of, free spirits, enjoying life to the fullest, even if you hit the end of a bottle here and there — you best rock this tune!

Check Those Darlins out! They have sassy lyrics, country twang and blues to kill a fifth to. Their debut album hits July 27 with a vinyl release on June 23.  You can pre-order now! The vinyl comes with the full debut CD and the first 1,000 pre-sale orders will be $1 off regular price and receive a free autographed publicity photo!

Wild One

i may be a little darling gal of yours
that’s when i’m straight and sober, and both feet are on the floor
but sometimes when the booze grabs a hold of me
i get the devil in my eyes and i’m running wild and free

if you don’t want a wild one, quit hanging ’round with me
you knew right from the start that’s my personality
if you can’t handle crazy, go ahead and leave
if you don’t want a wild one, quit hanging ’round with me

i may be the sweetheart you dreamt of all your life
well, just ’cause i’m sweet, don’t mean i’m always nice
i’m tired of you telling me, “honey, please slow down.”
i do just what i want, so don’t order me around


i may be a fool to act the way i do
even though i’m crazy, i’m still a fool to you
so grab my hands, let’s go dance, baby you’ve got to see
letting loose ain’t that hard so come get wild with me




11 responses

14 05 2009
The Lord of Venice

Wouldn’t have it any other way. Everything else is boring.
Suitors??? You coming out of your shell now? “kiss me deadly”

15 05 2009

Love it!!! So true! Ps- I’m happy for u.

15 05 2009

Timing my lord. I wish it was you I met last summer. Just gimmie time . . .

15 05 2009

I know huh! This song actually reminded me of you! Knew you’d like!

15 05 2009

What a cool song! Im gonna get the pre-order. thanks

15 05 2009

Love love love this song! Screw being a boring bitch with no voice.

15 05 2009
Skate and Destroy

Suitors (if any)??????! Don’t be one of those girls acting like you aint got no suitors. You have your pick girl! And don’t get all mushy with needing time. And yes, I’m making fun of your comment. Rock on girl!

15 05 2009

you’ve got suiters up the yang, bish. you don’t have to lie to kick it.

17 05 2009

Thats right my bish! You got all the suiters with not enough time. Plus, you know how to have a good time and not get all caught up in b.s that most all girls pull. Can’t wait to meet the lucky guy who scores you!

3 09 2009
Sally in Georgia

Congratulations–just heard the track on the Vanity Fair-Levi Johnson promotion…this song is great!! Exposure should be super…make them give you a credit on the video.

3 09 2009

No wonder! I was wondering why I was getting a shitload of pageviews on their post! It was up to 108 page views on their post alone! ha Thanks for the heads up!

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