Billy Bragg Speaks on the Music Industry Shelling Out Their “Dirty Work” to ISP’s

19 05 2009
Photo: Ray Kilpatrick

Photo: Ray Kilpatrick

The Music Industry, Big 6 and all other corporate anti-christs always seem to be looking for the easiest way out. Where can their greedy hands rummage more money? Who can they pawn off their “dirty work” to while cutting costs? I think it’s clear that they’re never looking out for the interest of the artist, but more so the fiscal health of their empire. And boy do they hate file sharers! We’ve all been guilty. But to now look to ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) for help, in which they can exile us from the Internet if we are caught file sharing more than three times, is just ridiculous on so many counts. Check out this article at the UK Guardian written by Brit punk rocker, Billy Bragg, know for his political songs (and sweet ones too).

Perhaps we should just bring back the vinyl for good,that might solve everything.




One response

20 05 2009
Riley W.

Billy is the man. Props on the blog. And props to running into you last week. I swear, you’re cuter each time I see you. Damn. I also emailed you. Now you have my email.

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