“In The Dark” – Horror Film Short by Enrique Garcia

30 06 2009

Are you an indie horror film connoisseur? Into the whole short film thang? Well I highly recommend you check out this worthy flick written and directed by up and coming film star, Enrique Garcia. “In The Dark” is a chilling short that is pretty damn sweet, it had me gasping for air at some points (I’m a bit claustrophobic). The film is shot exceedingly well and the acting isn’t your typical cheese grade horror flick. Had this 16 + minutes of film gone full length, it would most definitely be something I’d like to catch.

Starring Tara Shayne, Brian Jordan Alvarez and Andre Bolourchi, three teens find themselves trapped inside a house that will stop at nothing to torture and torment them.

Garcia and his hot film “In The Dark” has created quite the buzz in the indie short film circuit and has already won some awards. Winner of Dam Short Film Festival’s Best Sci-Fi/Horror and Gone With The Film Festival’s Best Horror awards, and official selection at the Late Night Horror, Backseat and Bare Bones International Film Festivals (finalist at the USA Film Festival). What’s next? My crystal ball says the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

Check it out!



“Dragonslayer” by Sunset Rubdown – Album Review

30 06 2009

sunsetrubdown_dragonslayer_“Dragonslayer” by Sunset RubdownWolf Parades’s co-frontmant/keyboardist, Spencer Krug has been keeping his musical pallet full with a colorful variety of bands. From the more widely known Wolf Parade, to Swan Lake, and Frog Eyes, his most active side project Sunset Rubdown has put out its fourth album “Dragon Slayer.”

With his unique voice, Krug at times reminds me of David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust era. A smooth yet shakey voice, full of power and emotion that can quickly be taken down to a soft sensitive tone. Filled with strong melodies, ethereal instrumentals and just an original all-around sound, Sunset Rubdown makes all Canadian indie rockers proud with “Dragon Slayer,” thus adding another great band and album to the Canadian roster.

A bit less experimental then their previous albums, “Dragon Slayer” is still full of pleasant surprises. I’m definitely diggin’ the psychedelic, story-like track “Black Swan.” It’s loaded with crazy instrumentals over what sounds like a spooky story book narration. While opening track “Silver Moons” has a bittersweet melody to it, almost making you sad. The lyrics sound like a farewell address or speech of some sort. And I love the female vocals of Camilla Wynne Ingr! She adds that sexy feminine touch that meshes so well with Krugs unique voice.

Dragon Slayer dropped June 23 via Jagjaguwar, alongside it’s current North American tour with the Elfin Saddle and the  Witchies. Check out sunsetrubdown.net for further tour dates and stream “Dragon Slayer” in all it’s entirety at NPR.org.

GrimyGoods’ Top 10 Albums for the First Half of 2009

29 06 2009

Damn! Only half-way through the year and so many great musicians have put out some killer albums! It was far too hard just to keep it at five albums, so I had to bump it to 10 and even that was tough. I can’t wait to see what the latter half of 2009 has in store for us. But for now, here’s GrimyGoods’ Top 10 Albums of the first half of 2009. Also check out 2008’s top ten!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs “It’s Blitz!” (Interscope)

Dan Auerbach “Keep It Hid” (Nonesuch)

Kasabian “West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum” (Red Inc)


Black Lips “200 Million Thousand” (Vice)

Bjork “Voltaic” (Nonesuch)


Metric “Fantasies” (Last Gang)

Jenny Owen Youngs “Transmitter Failure” (Nettwerk Records)

Mos Def “The Ecstatic” (Downtown)


The Dirty Projectors “Bitte Orca” (Domino)

Eels “Hombre Lobo” (Vagrant Records)


What albums are on your top for 2009?

“Hombre Lobo” by Eels – Album Review

29 06 2009

eels_Hombre_lobo‘Hombre Lobo” by Eels – Howling like a werewolf with a broken heart, front-man Mark Oliver Everett (aka “E”) and his band put out a stellar seventh album.  Eels’ “Hombre Lobo” is most definitely “12 songs of desire.” I couldn’t help but notice how almost every song is about a woman. I guess us ladies do have quite the profound effect on you men, considering almost all songs are about us. J “Hombre Lobo” has a great variety of sounds, effects and melodies to keep you listening to each track. From soft sweet ballads fit to make any girl fall in love with Everett’s bittersweet words, to those hip rockin’ blues tunes, the album has a great mix of tracks.

A few of my favorites: “That Look You Gave That Guy” has a really soft melody. The lyrics are totally sweet and have the ability to put a sincere smile on every girls’ face  . . .  *sigh* “Tremendous Dynamite” is just fuckin’ badass in all its glorious fuzz and grit, it exudes the sexiness of a bad boy. As great as “Hombre Lobo” is, for some reason it feels like it’s made to please us ladies because as I write this review, it’s pulling quite the number on me. “Fresh blood” has some amazing sounds and howls to it: very sexy psychedelic. Taking you back to the good ole rock of the 60’s, “What’s a Fella Gotta Do” makes you want to grab a hottie and dance the night away.

If I were a teacher, “Hombre Lobo” would receive an A+ ! The album is sexy, sweet and bad fuckin’ ass. Stream it here then buy it at amazon.com.

Jereme Rogers Rapping Over Kanye’s “Say You Will” Beat

27 06 2009

Well, we all know Jereme Rogers quit his fabulous skateboarding career to become a “rapper.” Now take a preview of his bold move. I know we all have to follow our dreams, but shit, I really hope he keeps skating.

“JR rappin on Kanye’s “Say You Will beat.”

Michael Jackson Skateboarding!

27 06 2009

Awe! This is a pretty sweet pic. Put a smile on my face this morning.


Sky Saxon – RIP

26 06 2009

sky-saxon-200-062509“I remember the day Darby Crash died. The next day, John Lennon was shot and killed and the world at large didn’t even care that Darby was gone.. sadly, I am now seeing the same thing happen with Sky Saxon, who died this morning….I guess that’s the price you pay when you swim outside the mainstream….”

I read this yesterday on my friend Kurt Ross’ (a.k.a “The Infamous Jet Rash”) Facebook update and I couldn’t agree with him more. Lost in the sadness and flurry of Michael Jackson’s death (RIP), so many people, and alleged music connoisseurs, seemed to have forgotten or worse yet, didn’t even know who Sky Sunlight Saxon was and the profound impact him and his band The Seeds had on music. As the frontman for the groundbreaking 60’s garage rock band The Seeds, Saxon unfortunately passed away yesterday. This man and The Seeds are fuckin’ bad ass and put out some epic music during their time. If it wasn’t for them, the whole garage psychedelic blues revival of today would not be possible. It was disappointing to see some music mags, blogs and industry twitters not even giving a shout out to this King of Garage Rock. As Kurt said, “you’re not a music writer if you don’t know who Sky Saxon is. You’re just a poser with an electronic pulpit.”

Widely known for his hit songs with The Seeds, “Pushing too Hard” and “Can’t Seem to Make You Mine,” with the latter being popularized by the AXE body spray commercial. Both are dope songs and covered by many awesome musicians such as Johnny Thunders, The Ramones, Garbage, etc. So sad to hear of his passing, but so thankful for the kick ass music he gave us. Rest in Peace Sky Sunlight Saxon.

Check out these kind words on Saxon by Nels Cline at LARECORD.com.