“Bitte Orca” by The Dirty Projectors

11 06 2009

DirtyProjectors-bitte-orcaBrooklyn indie band, The Dirty Projectors has been creating a hott buzz in the indie music circuit. Their new album “Bitte Orca” is quite the experimental feat led by Dave Longstreth. The album explodes a plethora of unique sounds and genres fit to deliver an outstanding album. It’s like a working combo of R&B and indie rock: smooth on the inside with enough pleasantly rough edges to give them that extra “cool.” Those rough edges stand out through some intense guitaring consistently present in “Bitte Orca.” “Temecula Sunrise” is a perfect example of that killer guitaring, while Lonstreth’s sexy male vocals keeps it smooth and buttery. While on the fourth track “Stillness Is The Move,” some hip hop beats are thrown into a mix of exotic undertones accompanied by sweet female coos and howls enough to make Beyonce jealous! The instrumentals through out the entire album are just straight up beautifully composed!

Already with two amazing collabos under their belt, one with David Byrne and the other with Bjork, The Dirty Projectors are coming in hot with “Bitte Orca!” Check em out if you know what’s good!




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