“Kitsune Maison 7” by Various Artists – Album Review

26 06 2009

variousartists_kitsune_204“Kitsune Maison 7” by Various Artists– The latest compilation from the French techno label features remixes of Phoenix, Autokratz, La Roux, and more. I love listening to music in different languages, especially when it doesn’t come off as some joke for pure amusement.

Naturally I love track three, a remix of Phoenix’s “Lisztomania” (CLASSIXX Version). Phoenix has put out quite the pleasing album this past month, and the remix is’a nice medley of some chill-ass grooves. Track five, “Favourite Things” by The Golden Filter is cute and sexy (kinda like LIVINGCUTE.COM). There’s just something about a quiet female voice whispering sinful pleasures (whiskey, vodka, chocolate, ice cream, cute boys, etc.). A lot naughtier than Mary Marin’s original “Sound of Music” version, but these “Favorite Things” are a lot more titillating.

I definitely dig “Kitsune Maison 7.” Ninteeen tracks of dope beats, it’s a great compilation album for all you electro clubbers that love to feel the groove.




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