Wanderlust Festival 2009 Day 3

31 07 2009

Goods!For most normal people, day three of their music festival experience is usually the most mellowed out. That was most certainly not the case at Wanderlust. Although day three was probably the busiest and most exhausting for me, it was also a flurry of fun into the late night hours (early morning hours). After another tasty, yet healthy breakfast from the always busy Mountain Nectar we made our way back up the Funitel to check out the killer line-up: The Honey Brothers, Amanda Palmer, Mates of State, Broken Social Scene, Andrew Bird, and Spoon. We did however, have one minor set back on our way up the mountain. As I was going up the steps to get on the Funitel, I smelled the most putrid, musky, god-fuckin-awful stench of B.O. No fuckin’ joke! It was like walking through a layer of the thickest San Francisco fog you’ve ever experienced. Immediately I covered my mouth as I started to gag and ran back down the steps! As I looked up to this stinky man and his two kids (poor lil guys), I noticed another set of Wanderlust-goers running away from him and into the Funitel ahead of them. The stinky man and his kids ended up all alone on the Funitel since no one in their right mind would endure a 15-minute ride closed up in a space the size of a bathroom! Get some Axe buddy!

Check out her cool make-up, fresh!

On a pleasant note, The Honey Brothers hit the stage and played a great set. All the ladies were in the frontlines since Entourage’s Adrian Grenier is a member of the band. Not only does he man the drums, but he also played some guitar and the recorder! I had no idea he was so musically inclined. Touché to Mr. Grenier. The boys put out some feel-good folk, indie rock which is exciting to see live. It was really cool to see them use a variety of instruments from the banjo, ukulele, recorder, keyboard and more. A definite highlight was when Amanda Palmer came out to join them and played a killer Queen performance, “We are the Champions.” As The Honey Brothers’ set ended I heard random dude comment on their performance, “That was really fucking cool.” Indeed, The Honey Brothers are really fucking cool.

Broken Social Scene, no more Emily Haines.

With a beer in between sets, we were ready to catch Amanda Palmer. This chick is just rad and so talented in so many damn ways. Switching it up between her ukulele and keyboard she covered some Bright Eyes and Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean.” But hearing her perform “Coin Operated Boy” was the shit. Especially when she went on repeat like a robot that had blow a circuit: “and I’ll never let him go, and I’ll never let him go…” It’s never a boring show when Miss Palmer takes the stage.

Mates of State … yay (and I say that in monotone). They’re definitely a cute band, especially since they’re a couple and you can feel the unique energy between them—but we just weren’t into their music. They’re very similar to most indie bands out there today and really didn’t hold a flame next to the Wanderlust bill which was drenched with one-of-a-kinds bands boasting all that isn’t stale. Regardless, we got a few shots.

As for Broken Social Scene, I wanted to kick myself in the ass for missing such a phenomenal band. But as expected when you’re covering any big event, shit happens. Unfortunately, my digi voice record needed some juice and I was due for an interview in an hour. I had to go all the way back down the mountain and up just for some batteries that my dumbass forgot to pack. On the bright side, my photog Kara caught their set and said it was amazing! Check out all the great shots she took.

Andrew Bird! Apparently not all his equipment had arrived to Wanderlust, but his fellow musicians were more than happy to lend him some instruments. Props to Kaki King, Rogue Wave and Broken Social Scene for making it happen. Andrew Bird is one of the few musicians who can bring a tear to any human’s eye, both male and female. Honestly, the music that man creates is so breathtaking. Whether it’s his voice, the violin or the guitar, he brings aural bliss to any instrument he touches. I was in complete awe during his entire set and I think everyone else was too. You know a musician kicks ass when the photo pit is completely full and not just with photogs but other worthy musicians inspired by his music.

Spoon wrapped up the spectacular first annual Wanderlust Festival. Hailing from Texas, where everything is BIG (including the people), front-man Britt Daniel made a funny observation. “There are some very healthy-looking people out there,” Daniel said. “We’re not used to it. You guys look good. I’m seriously reconsidering my lifestyle,” he shared. The guys played a cool set including a cover of Paul Simon’s “Peace Like a River.” Although it was cool hearing songs from their latest album “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” I REALLY wanted to hear more of their old jams like “Paper Tiger!” Good stuff that got us moving and grooving nonetheless.

As for “late night at Wanderlust” DJ Rekha filled up the joint with a bunch of hot and sweaty dancers just cuttin’ loose. It definitely wasn’t a “yay I’m 21” frat-party crowd this time around. Lots of the bands, Wanderlust organizers media and interesting peeps were living it up. It was a stellar night that ended when the sun was about to rise. But that’s all I can tell ya . . .

Cheers to Wanderlust for throwing an awesomely unique event that pleased us all. See you next year!

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What’s Going on This Weekend LA?

31 07 2009

There’s some very epic art shows going on this weekend and the X-Games! Props to the Carlsbad homie Jake Brown for taking the gold in the the Big Air comp!

= Top picks

Friday, July 31,


  • Deerhoof @ The Echo
  • Stellastarr* w/ Wild Light & Mason Proper @ Troubadour
  • Future of the Left @ Spaceland
  • Hippiefest w/ The Turtles (featuring Flo & Eddie), Chuck Negron, Felix Caviliere & more @ Gibson Amphitheatre
  • Jon Brion @ Largo
  • Mötley Crüe’s Crüe Fest 2 @ San Manuel Amphitheater
  • No Doubt w/ The Sounds & Paramore @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
  • Susan Marshall w/Greg Dulli, Dead Rock West, Dave Gleason, 50 Cent Haircut @ The Redwood
  • Future of the Left w/ Japandroids @ Spaceland
  • The English Beat w/ Reel Big Fish @ Club Nokia
  • Anavan feat Dazzler @ The Echo
  • ILL REPUTE, Social Unrest, Sin 34, The Voids, @ Alex’s Bar



Saturday, Aug. 1



Love and Guts Art Show @ The Crewest Gallery



  • Cemetery Screening: Some Like it Hot @ Hollywood Forever
Sunday, Aug. 2


  • The English Beat w/ Reel Big Fish @ The Grove of Anaheim
  • No Doubt w/ The Sounds & Paramore @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
  • Judas Priest @ Gibson Amphitheatre
  • New School’ Kirtan in Venice Beach at the 33rd Annual Festival of Chariots w/ Gaura Vani and Jai Uttal @ Ocean Front Walk Plaza, Venice Beach (1:45 pm–free)
  • Long Beach Crawfish Festival w/ live entertainment @ Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach


  • X-games @ Staples/Home Depot Center

“Heavy Profession” by St Helens – Album Review

30 07 2009

sthelens_heavyprofession_204I must say, I have experienced quite the Aussie summer thus so far. I’ve had three Australian friends in town the past couple months and one is practically living with me! Them Aussies sure can rock and are heaps of fun!

With that said, I was super surprised and stoked when I read that St. Helens was from Melbourne, Australia. All the Aussies I’ve encountered are all loud and firey balls of energy, not the case with St. Helens. Their debut album “Heavy Profession” is 11 tracks of some cool low-fi tunes. Listening to their tracks, their music exudes a mellow 60-70’s rock n’ roll feel in the likes of the Velvets and Floyd, mixed in with a Thunders-like helpless, yet sexy edge.

Front-man, Jarrod Quarrell’s voice is sweet and dreamy, a perfect complement to their tripped-out lazy tunes. Although, I don’t condone it (the drug part), this is the kind of music fit for some slow, sad love-making to the beat of a tingly, electric high–which can only be induced by the tempting drugs your mama told you never to indulge in. All this is personified even more-so by the echoing vocals of Hannah Brooks. She creeps up on you like a ghost from groupy’s past.

St. Helens’ “Heavy Profession” is pretty fuckin bad ass. With lyrics both naughty and nice, don’t be afraid of what the songs are telling you.

Wanderlust Festival Day Two

30 07 2009

Girl TalkSince Friday night’s “late night at Wanderlust” party was far too glow-stick-raver nerd for me, we were able to wake up well rested and energized for our noon yoga class. After getting mislead to the wrong yoga class which just so happened to be called “self massage with balls,” we finally found our chosen session of Zuda Power Vinyasa with Bill Prysock. Holy shit did that class kicked my ass! I was sweating like a fat man stuck in a leather bodysuit. But in the end I felt like a million bucks. Not to mention Bill is quite easy on the eyes and his assistant was a total cutie and super friendly to help us perfect our poses. You can lay your hands on my hips anytime buddy! With our yoga complete and some delicious acai smoothies from Mountian Nectar ,we were now ready to check out the music.

Cruising up the Funitel at God knows how many feet in the air was a bit scary but gave us some epic views of Squaw Valley. I was super bummed to miss Big Light on the Gold Coast Stage, especially since these guys are some fun cats and put out a pretty awesome self released EP last year. Guess I’ll just have to make it up at Outsidelands! Jenny Lewis however, rocked the stage with her adorable self! A very talented and vibrant musician she is. The whole band did a great job but her drummer is my favorite! She just bangs it out and has a pretty sweet wo-fro (woman’s fro) that I so wanted to pat with my hand.

Sadly, the headliner Michael Franti couldn’t perform due to a ruptured appendix. Ouch! Hope he’s healing well. But I must say, I was more than pleased with his replacement: Common! As I was trekking from the Arc Bar to the photo pit, I saw Common, his DJ and drummer get hauled up the mountain in the lil VIP golf cart. That lil cart just about rolled back down the mountain! Common and his band members were laughing so hard as Wanderlust organizers helped them up the hill by pulling the golf cart with their bare hands. Good funny shit and everyone was all smiles. As the sun was close to setting, Common rocked the crowd with his hot song “Sex 4 Suga” where he brought a barely legal teen on stage to serenade (she was 19). His performance was bumpin’, but I just don’t think all the hogis and yogis we’re feeling it. Damn hippies . . .

All the performances on Saturday were fabulous, but the real shit goes to Girl Talk. From the moment the Pittsburgh all-star masher, Gregg Gillis, ran out on stage and started his magical mixing–the stage exploded with a colorful bust of dancers! Toliet paper, streamers, beach balls, over-sized pillows and all sorts of fun things were floating through the air and in the crowds. After shooting some shots I joined the fun on stage and danced to his entire set including Michael Jackson, The Ramones, Queen, MGMT and more greats. It was the best dance party I’ve ever been to and one of my top Wanderlust highlights.

We then swung by the VIP “late night at Wanderlust” party with DJ Rekha but it was stoops. Although the music wasn’t bad, I felt like I was at a bump n’ grind-frat party with a bunch of douches. Drifting over to the Globetrotter Stage Green Room, we indulged in LOTS of alcoholic beverages, good times and good conversations. The night ended back in our hot tub under the beautiful Tahoe stars until security kicked us out and sent us back to our condo. Booo!

Check out all the cool photos and video from Wanderlust Day Two HERE!

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Artist Logan Hicks Stencils Up the X-Games’ Street Course

29 07 2009

logan-hicksRenowned stencil artist Logan Hicks will be adding his flare to this year’s X-Games, July 30 – August 3 in Los Angeles by painting two large scale projects. Hicks will be painting the 6,300 sq ft “street course” providing an urban feel to the LA landscape. In addition, Hicks will also be painting a 20’ x 8’ mural celebrating the 15th anniversary of the X-Games. His mural will include X-Game notables such as Travis Pastrana, Shaun White, James Stewart, Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath, Kyle Loza, Danny Way, Bob Burnquist, Ryan Sheckler, Jake Brown, Daniel Dhers, Chad Kagy, Dave Mirra, Ken Block and Chad Reed.

Known for his meticulous, multi-layered stencils, Hicks’ work captures the sensory overload with which a city can inundate a person. His art captures the sprawling urban inhabitants and juxtaposes them against the stark, grey environment they dwell in. Hicks’ art has been shown in nearly 30 countries in cities as far away as Cape Town, South Africa and Shanghai, China. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Hicks currently calls New York City home.

With his art featured in a series of cutting-edge Nike commercials staring Le Bron James. Hicks also had his own apparel line in partnership with Japanese company Medicom, in addition to having his own Logan Hicks signature K-Swiss sneaker backed by a massive MTV ad campaign in Asia. Sounds like these X-games pieces will be a perfect addition to his resume.

If you’re hitting the X-games this year, be sure to check his work out. Good luck to my girl Lorena Lima! Yeeeeow!

The Detournements of Wynn Miller!” Closing Reception Friday, July 31

29 07 2009

Tony Alva and Richard Villa III present an Exhibit A Gallery event not to miss: “The Detournements of Wynn Miller” Closing Reception. Taking place this Friday, July 31 the place should be popping as it is X-Games weekend. Featured artists include: Shepard Fairey, Mark “Gonz” Gonzales, Shawn Barber, Greg Gossel, Nate Frizzell, Chloe Trujillo, Axis, Lauren Bergman, Jon Chase and many more. The opening reception was so successful that they felt it truly deserved an honorable conclusion.

  • 25 out of 500 Limited Edition signed Obey Giant prints will be available: Shepard Fairey, Wynn Miller and Tony Alva
  • Music by DJ Al G
  • Open Bar Provided by: Transphusion

This will be the last chance to view or to acquire the art of this collection!!! Get on it!

Exhibit A Gallery
1086 South Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles Ca 90019


Click flyer for more details!


Vice Parties – More Music and Hornitos Tequila a la FREE!

29 07 2009

Vice just keeps on bringing the hot, alcohol-filled summer events. Thus, helping nerdy hipsters get laid this wonderful summer. Be sure to RSVP for these two free events (open Hornitos tequila bar)!

Thursday, July 30 – VICE BACKLOT at The Mischieve in The Garden of Agave
Your weekend starts Thursday night with Vice and Hornitos at the VICE BACKLOT, they’ll be rocking and pouring as much tequila as you like. Free but you need to RSVP.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery
6000 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, LA
Featuring Franki Chan and Hollywood Holt

Saturday, Aug. 2 – SUMMER BENDER Vol. 2
Then on Saturday get ready for their next installment of Summer Bender.

Farmers and Merchants Bank Downtown
401 South Main Street
Los Angeles, LA
Featuring Thee Mike B, Acid Girls, Staccato, and Ben Oprstu

Click the flyer below for more details!