Another Colt 45 Party

15 07 2009

I still don’t understand what’s the “cool” thing about drinking crap beer. First PBR, then Miller Low Life and now Colt 45. I’m sorry but Colt 45 is just bottom of the barrel nasty. Like really, who the fuck drinks that shit? Regardless, Vice has been throwing a series of fun Colt 45 parties in both LA and New York. Love Vice, love parties, but I would never sip on some Colt 45, unless I was going to a wigga party.

Check out these messy goods going off this Saturday, July 18: The LA “Colt Guide” Parties Vol. 5! Join your fellow scene-nerds and hipsters as you dance to the high pitched fem-like vocals of your favorite chubbster, Har Mar Superstar! Must RSVP – Click on the flyer for more details.





4 responses

15 07 2009
lar's real girl

No! You’ze wrong! Thunderbird and Night Train are the bottom of the barrel! And Old E! lol

15 07 2009

Damn girl, you show know yo malt lickas!

16 07 2009
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29 07 2009
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