Amanda Palmer: Naked and Hairy!

16 07 2009

The punk cabaret princess, Amanda Palmer, of the Dresden Dolls, who also has her solo performance–really needs to invest in a Gillette Mach3! Us girls are all guilty of being a bit prickly and such during the winter or in between waxings, but his shit is just hairy! I wonder if she’s French???

Apparently she tweeted these pics! For all you pervs into the hairy fetish, there’s quite the collection of Miss Palmer’s nude pics here.






4 responses

16 07 2009
Kristine G

what is this bish on? LOL

13 09 2009

technically it would not be a hairy fetish as she does not have a beard, nor a treasure trail nor chest hair, so actually it would be for those who have an appreciation for women in their natural state, so it would be for men who like real adult women & not little girls you bunch of hair hating pedos.

8 09 2011

Hairy women rock!

23 06 2012

She funded her new record an tour just with fans donations, she’s travelling around the world with her band and letting her fans write on her body, she’s having fun with people that love her music… and you care about her armpits? Way to go woman.

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