“Heavy Profession” by St Helens – Album Review

30 07 2009

sthelens_heavyprofession_204I must say, I have experienced quite the Aussie summer thus so far. I’ve had three Australian friends in town the past couple months and one is practically living with me! Them Aussies sure can rock and are heaps of fun!

With that said, I was super surprised and stoked when I read that St. Helens was from Melbourne, Australia. All the Aussies I’ve encountered are all loud and firey balls of energy, not the case with St. Helens. Their debut album “Heavy Profession” is 11 tracks of some cool low-fi tunes. Listening to their tracks, their music exudes a mellow 60-70’s rock n’ roll feel in the likes of the Velvets and Floyd, mixed in with a Thunders-like helpless, yet sexy edge.

Front-man, Jarrod Quarrell’s voice is sweet and dreamy, a perfect complement to their tripped-out lazy tunes. Although, I don’t condone it (the drug part), this is the kind of music fit for some slow, sad love-making to the beat of a tingly, electric high–which can only be induced by the tempting drugs your mama told you never to indulge in. All this is personified even more-so by the echoing vocals of Hannah Brooks. She creeps up on you like a ghost from groupy’s past.

St. Helens’ “Heavy Profession” is pretty fuckin bad ass. With lyrics both naughty and nice, don’t be afraid of what the songs are telling you.




3 responses

31 07 2009

This is goood shit.

31 07 2009
Sarah Kisses

This should be sold on Amazon! Can’t fins it. Very cool.

7 08 2009
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