Miguel Migs “Get Salted Volume 2” – Album Review

24 08 2009

miguel_migs_photo5-webWhen it comes to producing music that exudes smooth and sexy beats, San Francisco DJ, Miguel Migs, has scored his way to fourth base. Bringing back that sultry house music, “Get Salted Volume 2” is the kind of groove you can chill to in the intimate company of your own home, or at a swanky lounge with a martini in hand. No matter what atmosphere, the sensual vibe is all the same. You’ll be swaying those hips and bobbing that head track for track.

“Get Salted Volume 2” features tracks and remixes from Miguel Migs, Fred Everything, Jay-J and Lisa Shaw, in addition to loads of exclusive material. With each track holding a stylistic, unique sound, Migs steers clear from the mainstream club beat, giving his music all the more exotic appeal.

Opening up with “So Far” (Yogi and Husky Deep Wash Dub Edit), the tracks sets the tone for a pleasant road ahead with it’s soft snyths and melodic vocals. “Get on Down” will get that head bobbing while you point with one finger in the air to this beatful track. The smooth jazzy grooves of “Not Another Jazz” coerce you to take the fun to the beach and just chillax under the sun. Migs brings in some galactic spurts of sound in “Lisa Shaw – Like I Want To” (Dutchican Soul Vocal Rub)” and “Twisted Rhythm feat. Stephen Granville – Get Up” (Camilo Franco Cassagrande Mix). Hangin’ with a porn star swagger, I cant’ get enough of “Joshua Heath – Just Funk Me Already.” Very funky, very groovy―very awesome. Miguel-Miggs-GSV2_Cover Art

Although the track listings are quite the mouthful, Migs has done a stellar job of satisfying our appetite for some luscious danceable treats. “Get Salted Volume 2” is released on September 22, 2009, so get funky with it.




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25 08 2009

Nice review. I can’t wait for this album to drop!

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