Historics Cover Sub Society in Classic Homage to the Golden Age of Skateboarding

6 10 2009

Historics have a brand new video out for their cover of Sub Society’sA Lot Less.” The track is off their just-released debut album, “Strategies for Apprehension.


The clip is a tribute to the original Matt Hensley part in “H-Street’s Hocus Pokus” video (1989) which features the original Sub Society version. It was directed by Patrick O’Dell and features the following skaters: John Rattray, Alex Olson, Braydon Szafranski, Andrew Allen, Heath Kirchart, Mike Rusczyk, Chris Pastras, Clint Peterson, Clark Hassler, Kevin Spanky Long, & Matt Hensley

Pretty sweet shit I suggest you check out!

Download a FREE mp3 of the track “Skin Orders” here, and peep the video for “Taverns” here.




3 responses

6 10 2009
pae pae

so sick! matt hensley was a major influence on my skateboarding!!!

6 10 2009

Sub Society, wow how old school. They played at every house party in tierrasanta san diego with a lot less being the crowd favorite, a whole lot less.

6 10 2009

They killed that song and not in a good way. It sounds like a t pain lite version on moonshine.

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