San Fransico’s, Brilliant Colors, Prep Debut Full-Length LP, “Introducing”

7 10 2009

slr108-lo-resMore all-fem rock bands for your listening and viewing  pleasure.  San Francisco based, Brilliant Colors are ready to release their new album “Introducing” off Slumberland Records this Nov. 3, 2009! If you like that 70’s punk sound in the likes of The Runaways and Suzi Quatro with a hint of today’s Mika Miko, you’ll love Brilliant Colors.

Singer/guitarist Jess Scott started Brilliant Colors in early 2007, and she’s been mighty busy since then. After a steady stream of line-up changes, Scott has finally settled on a permanent line-up with the addition of East Coast transplants Diane Anastasio and Michelle Hill (a veteran of a number of Bay Area underground punk outfits, as well as touring guitarist for legendary UK punk / dub group The Slits!), in the meantime sharing bills with fellow Bay Area acts Nodzzz, Grass Widow, and Ty Segall and opening for the likes of The Urinals and The Homosexuals.

Stay tuned for a full album review!

1. I Searched
2. Absolutely Anything
3. English Cities
4. Yell In The Air
5. You Say You Want
6. Over There
7. Mythic
8. Short Sleeves At Night
9. Motherland
10.Should I Tell You


94/9 7th Anniversary Bash With JET, Cage The Elephant and Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

5 10 2009

Although I now reside in the City of Angels, I alway got SD in my heart. Think I’ll head back down there for the 94/9 7th Anniversary Bash. Although good ole 94/9 has yet to pick me for their Coup d’Etat Weekend (hint, hint), they always throw kick-ass events and shows; like the 94/9 Indy Jam. The Black Keys ripped through three amps!

Anyhow, the 94/9 7th Anniversary Bash is Saturday, November 7th at 4th & B. It features JET, Cage The Elephant and Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears. As we’ll be drinking plenty of beers and stoli/crans (me), it is a 21 and older party.

Get your tickets here!


Devendra Banhart Releases “Angelika” From Upcoming Release “What Will We Be”

2 10 2009

DevendraBI love how in his latest release, “Angelika,” off his upcoming album “What Will We Be,” Devendra Banhart let’s his Venezuelan roots shine. Not only does he pronounce the name “Angelika” with that sweet Latin tongue, but the song transcends from his token indie folk into a sexy Spanish flow of lyrics and howls.

Stream “Angelika”on Pitchfork here.

Now on big corpo record label, Warner Brothers Records, Banhart’s new album “What Will We Be” will debut October 27th.

Have you checked out “Baby,” the first single off his new album? Stream it here in all its entirety (none of that 30 seconds shit).  It’s pretty sweet, but I’m all about “Angelika.”

Bobby Birdman Preps New Album, “New Moods”

23 09 2009

BobbybirdmanNow this is some shit I can get down to. But wait, who the fuck is  Bobby Birdman? I’m not familiar with this guy and I hoped he cleared his moniker with Tony Hawk or that one rapper dude, but damn he’s got quite the alluring vocals. Drawn like hot buttah over a phat lobster tail of beats, rhythm and soul, check  out his new track “Only For a While” here. It’s pretty damn yummy.

On “New Moods,” his most focused and complete musical effort to date, upbeat pop anthems jostle up against shimmering slow a cappella numbers, while New Orleans bounce, dancehall, and hyphy funnel noisily into each self-produced pop number. Sun-drenched guitars and Bobby Birdman’s characteristic, unfuckwithable new-school croon wash over drumline weirdness and tyrannical sub bass, like a rogue wave on the Malibu beaches he frequently surfs.

“New Moods” drops Nov. 10 off of Fryk Beat.

Track Listing: bobbybirdmannewmoods

01 Only For A While
02 Dust Design
03 What You Say
04 Weighty Wait
05 Victory At Sea
06 Bloody Mess
07 Silent But Violent
08 You’d Be Surprised
09 Setting Sun
10 Truth Be Told
11 Well Sprung
12 Back and Forth

Austin’s Brazos Unveil Cover Art and Tracklisting For “Phosphorescent Blues”

23 09 2009

Delivering vocals as sweet as sugar sprinkled over delicate rhythms and soothing melodies, Austin’s latest indie sensation, Brazos, are trotting their way to our hearts with their delicious sound.

Brazos began as the solo recording project of songwriter Martin Crane, who debuted his smart, lyrical songs in late 2007 with the acclaimed EPs “Feeding Frenzy” and “A City Just as Tall.” While “Feeding Frenzy,” written and recorded in one feverish weekend, emerged as a delirious brand of catchy, multi-layered minimalist folk, “A City Just as Tall” came just as quickly but sharper, both lyrically and musically, and proved that Mr. Crane was up to an intriguing start. Crane tapped friends, guitarist Nathan Stein and bassist Paul Price, and after rolling through a few drummers including White Denim’s Josh Block, finally selected local drum-maestro Andy Beaudoin, whose credits include a Master’s in Jazz Studies from the New England Conservatory in Boston, to play the new material, and Brazos was born.

Tracklisting GuerrillaGroup_1_BrazosCoverHiRes_4

1. My Buddy
2. Kid
3. The Observer
4. Avignon
5. Pues
6. Day Glo
7. Tell
8. Downtown Boys
9. We Understand Each Other
10. For So Long Now

US Tour Dates
With White Denim

10/24 – Mohawk – Austin, TX
10/31 – Granada Theater – Dallas
11/02 – Firebird – St Louis, MO
11/03 – Jackpot – Lawrence, KS
11/04 – 400 Bar – Minneapolis
11/05 – High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI
11/06 – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL
11/07 – Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH
11/09 – Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto, ON
11/10 – Il Motore – Montreal, QC
11/11 – TT the Bears – Cambridge, MA
11/12 – Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY
11/13 – Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
11/14 – Rock N Roll Hotel – Washington, DC
11/16 – The Basement – Nashville, TN
11/17 – The Bottletree – Birmingham, AL
11/18 – The Earl – Atlanta, GA
11/19 – The Social – Orlando, FL
11/20 – Cafe Eleven – St Augustine, FL
11/22 – One Eyed Jacks – New Orleans, LA

Interview: Wolf & Cub’s Joel Byrne

22 09 2009

wolf&cubWho chose the name Wolf & Cub? Why?

Well it was the best of a bad bunch and it was the only one we could all agree on. I stole it from a Japanese comic book, and later a film series, called ‘Lone Wolf & Cub’. So I named my band after a comic book which makes me a pretty big nerd.

How old are you guys?

Old enough to know better

What three words would you say describe your music?

Unpredictable, Percussive, Enigmatic

Why do you guys have two drummers?

How did you come up with the name of you new album “Science and Sorcery?”

There was a lot of tension during the recording of this record; tension between the members of the band, tension between our producer and members of the band, it was just a very tense environment to be in. I wanted a title that eluded to that tension and the conflict that was erupting from that tension. Science and Sorcery, refers to two conflicting ideas or methods that are ultimately striving to achieve the same goal. That’s really how it felt when we were making the album, we all wanted the same thing, to make a good record, but we could never agree on the same method of achieving it.

How does it differ from your last album, “Vessels?”

For me it feels a lot looser, less claustrophobic than Vessels and a little more cohesive. Isn’t that odd? I described it as being both “looser” and “more cohesive” in my answer to that one, that doesn’t really make sense does it? I think when I say looser, I mean that it feels more relaxed in the delivery, like it’s been crafted by people who are more comfortable with what they’re doing. Vessels felt like we weren’t really in control of what were doing or maybe not certain enough of what we wanted to achieve. In retrospect I don’t think we were really prepared enough to make that album, I don’t feel that with this one.

What’s your track “What Are They Running” all about?

Its about doubt, well self doubt really, something that I tend to have far too much of. ‘They’ are ‘me’, so I guess when I was writing it I was really referring to myself and my inability to believe in myself and just questioning why that was. I was asking what it was that I’m running from? Or why I’m running. The end part was a happy accident and it’s probably our favourite thing on the record. It was the last day of recording and three of us got into a room and recorded a percussive jam. There was actually a helicopter flying over the studio at the time but unfortunately it wasn’t picked up by the mics.

If you could resurrect any musician to play a show with, who would it be and why?

Not sure about which musician, but I’d love to have a cup of tea with Bruce Lee, he could play a show with us too I guess but I’d rather just hang out with him and shoot the shit about getting into shape.

What’s your wildest tour story?

We crashed our car on a drive between Melbourne and Sydney, that wasn’t really wild in itself but by the end of the day we were all reduced to these primitive forms of what we once were, fighting and bickering like feral animals. We actually made it to Sydney in time to play the show, and it ended up being one of the best we’ve played, but it was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

What are you guys doing now that “Science and Sorcery” has dropped?

Lots and lots of touring, and between those trips we’ll start writing the next one. My aim is to have it demoed properly by the end of the year.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Eat your vegies, and be nice to your mother.


Last album you purchased?

I actually just got a Greatest Hits Compilation by ELO, but the last record I got that I didn’t pay for and am enjoying is a compilation put together by one of the bosses at our label. Ta Steve.

Last time you threw up from a heavy night of drinking?

Last year some time, and it was especially memorable because I threw up all over our supporting bands gear.

Last book you read?

“You can’t always get what you want” By Sam Cutler. Actually no it wasn’t actually, it was “Storms” by Carol Ann Harris.

Last place you did the nasty?

Your dreams.


18 09 2009

metricAdam Freeland has done a killer remix of Metric’s song “Sick Muse” from their album “Fantasies.”

Metric partnered up with Hype Machine and are offering the song as a FREE download in the site’s first ever download promotion.

Get the goods here!