Send all inquiries, along with love letters and hate mail to

Yes, I got these too:

Myspace – Sorry, it’s private but I may add you.

Facebook – Friends and Fam only

Last.FM – Yep, peep my tunes.

Twitter – Follow me bitches!

YouTube – Subscribe!

If you’re going to use any of the content on, please give credit where credit is due (trackback, link or written credit). If we’re misusing any of your content, please let us know asap and the shit will be handled.  Thanks.


6 responses

21 08 2008

lol, I couldn’t attach that to my comment about lil wayne. ain’t it funny?

4 11 2008

Fuckin hatin ass bitch go pull that tree stump out of your ass. here is my blog “YOU SUCK” stupid ass little bitch!

10 11 2008

Wow babe, you be getting some hate mail. rad. anonymous only wishes she or he could bee as hot as you. and cool.

9 06 2009

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for the info… I’d love to have to do a guest blog piece on my site, since we share a love of the word grimy. Love the site.

Shine on,

10 07 2009
The Lord of Venice

Can I stalk you?

30 09 2009
Grimy Suspect

Who said you could use my name ?

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