Black Lips – Detorit Bar, Costa Mesa

16 04 2009

So I was gonna write a review on this very high energy, no vomiting or pissing on fans Black Lips show, but I opted not to.  There’s already a recent review on here of their New York show and it’s pretty damn good. But I will say: the show fuckin rocked! Detroit Bar is a tiny venue, all the more intimate, all the more better. Only in California. Black Lips as always, high energy and inducing lots of smiles on our faces.

Check out some sweet photos of the Black Lips at the Detorit Bar in Costa Mesa, Calif. on the PHOTO GALLERIES page.



Virgin Mobile Festival

30 04 2008

Don’t get all “tangled up in blue” this summer, but do “search and destroy” some of the best music festival line ups to date. Two of the most influential musicians have been added to the Virgin Mobile Festival. Bringing one of America’s most favored songwriters and punk’s notoriously shocking, yet pleasing performer, Iggy and The Stooges. I’ve seen them both on separate occasions and it’s just fuckin’ amazing. Especially seeing Iggy still doing his energized acts just as if he were still at Max’s back in 1970. With Kanye West, Nine Inch Nails, The Black Keys, and the return of the Stone Temple Pilots, amongst other fine acts, this Baltimore based festival is lookin’ hot. Tickets go on sale May 3, 2008.

Absolutely epic video (below) from an Iggy and The Stooges performance last year in NYC. Up and personal, shows you just how crazy this 51 year-old punk icon still is. I get chills watching this vid, just knowing his history and what a contribution he has been to rock n’ roll as a whole.

Buffalo Killers – Let it Ride

16 04 2008

Well check out some of this electrifying rock n’ roll. Produced by none other than the AMAZING Dan Auerbach, of the kick ass Black Keys, comes to you the Buffalo Killers’ new album Let it Ride. Some pretty cool 70’s looking bearded fellas, kind of like Auerbach. Their music has some cool psychedelic rifts, pleasantly complemented by some blues under tones. I definitely digg “Heavens you are,” off their previous, self-titled album. It’s super sexy and dreamy. Check out and listen to their tunes here. Let it Ride drops on July 8th, and they tour with the Keys this May, so get on it!