Black Lips – Detorit Bar, Costa Mesa

16 04 2009

So I was gonna write a review on this very high energy, no vomiting or pissing on fans Black Lips show, but I opted not to.  There’s already a recent review on here of their New York show and it’s pretty damn good. But I will say: the show fuckin rocked! Detroit Bar is a tiny venue, all the more intimate, all the more better. Only in California. Black Lips as always, high energy and inducing lots of smiles on our faces.

Check out some sweet photos of the Black Lips at the Detorit Bar in Costa Mesa, Calif. on the PHOTO GALLERIES page.



Coachella Music Week!

13 04 2009

Coachella is coming round the bend this Friday, where many of us will endure three hot days of epic music. I haven’t been to a proper music festival in some time. So Co Music Experience and Susnet Junction were fun, but nothing compares to Coachella. It’s amazing how music can lift your spirits and alter your mind in a natural way. I don’t know what I do with out it or the musicians who bring such happiness and emotion through their exqusite talents. Although I look forward to enjoying the tunes with friends, I just can’t wait to get lost and make new experiences.


With that said, lots of great music experiences going on this very week! The build up to Coachella. I guess you can say my week begins on Wednesday with The Black Lips playing the Detorit Bar in Costa Mesa. Next up, you guesses it, The Black Keys at the Glass House in Pomona on Thursday! Good memories at the Glass House. Then onward to the main event, Friday through Sunday I’ll be Coachellafied! Now I say, that’s the way to celebrate an early birthday, amongst other reasons to celebrate.


Other than my concert week, there’s heapz of show going on in the LA/OC area: Friendly Fires, TVOTR, Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band and more! It’s good to live in Cali. For more goods, check out No Sleep till Indio: Huge Week of Shows Leading up to Coachella.