“Adventures of Power” Featuring The Honey Brothers!

7 10 2009

“I’m not pussy-footing, I’m double bass drumming!”

You gott check this flick, it looks all sorts of ridonkulously funny! Ari Gold is like a cooler (but still-so-nerdy) version of Napoleon Dynamite, while Enoturage’s Adrian Grenier has never looked so sexy-cheezy all at once! Watch the trailer below.

If you’re in the NYC, there’s a kick-ass premiere party today! More deets below!



  • KnittingFactory, Brooklyn, Metropolitan and Havermeyer
  • Wed Oct 7, 8pm-3am.
  • The Honey Brothers, The Prigs, World War, and DJ Jonathan Toubin from New York Night Train spinning tunes all night!
  • $10 minimum suggested donation to support The Impact Repertory Theatre, the Oscar-winning children’s music non-profit school, who will also be performing!
  • Prizes, movie clips, puppies and kittens!


  • Opens October 9 in New York and Kentucky!
  • Opens October 16 in Los Angeles!
  • Opens in theaters around the country–watch the trailer and join us at:http://www.adventuresofpower.com
  • Starring Hoyt Honey and Honey duContra (Adrian Grenier), music by Raw Honey, with some harmonica by Dory Honey and a character named after Dr. Carl Honey!

The Kills At El Rey 5/21/08

22 05 2008

So my buddy, “big shot Tony,” the moniker I use to pester him, invites me to The Kills’ sold out show at the El Rey theater in LA. As much as I loathe the crazy drive there, considering I’m rollin’ up from Carlsbad, I gladly jump to the occasion to see this kick ass band live. After battling the warm Santa Ana winds, and shielding off all the nasty LA debris from festering in my eyes, we make it into the packed venue. Standard LA indie scene, hipsters and fashionistas, but at least everyone here had some major good taste in music, even if it was just for one night. Virgin to the El Rey, I’ve heard nothing but good things. The large carpeted venue immediately reminded me of the Olympia music hall in Paris, France. I caught the New York Dolls there back in 06 and it was a hell of a performance.

So the soulful, rockin’ duo begins. Wow. Although, their audio does them justice, their live performance is insanely fuckin’ marvelous! Immediately I tell Tony that front woman, Allison Mosshart, reminds me of a young Patty Smith. With her tall slender body, disheveled head of raven hair, and possessed like singing and shaking. After noticing The Velvets and The Heartbreakers on the film projector behind them, who comes up next on the big screen? Why none other than, punk n’ blues queen, Patti Smith. I guess Mosshart too is a fan.

Between Mosshart and British guitarist Jamie “Hotel” Hince, they put out some dirty sweet, vicious tunes. Although they use a drum machine for their beats and percussion, it works. I definitely prefer the high energy and visual stimulation I receive from the mad skills of drummers, but as a duo, which is very popular lately, The Kills have got it down. Their music is dark but hip, grounded with a solid foundation of blues and punk. The use of their drum machine gives them a saucy electro twist. Check em out if you know what’s good.

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