Brookville at Spaceland

6 10 2009

In support of their September 29 release “Broken Lights,” Brookville joins Unfiltered Records labelmates, The Postmarks, on a five week tour US tour. Opening up for The Postmarks this past Friday, Oct. 2 at Spaceland, Brookville played a totally engaging and at times comical set.

Brookville at Spaceland - 08

When I first took a listen to Brookville’s new album “Broken Lights,” I wasn’t digging it at first listen. Although I try to keep an open ear to all walks of music, I tend to lean towards the edgy, eccentric and high energized musings of rock n’ roll. Needless to say, after seeing their amazing live set, I’m now a total fan.

Towards the second song of their set, front-man Andy Chase got the crowd laughing. Apparently a suspicious hair had jumped from the mic and into his mouth. “Somebody left a hair in the mic, and it some how warped it’s way into my mouth. And it’s not a pube,” shared Chase. Whether he was poking fun or not at the skinny-long haired rockers (Endless Hallway) who graced the stage with their interesting performance beforehand, it made us all laugh pretty fuckin’ hard.

Brookville at Spaceland - 18

Aside from being quite the hottie, Chase has this soulfully alluring voice that can easily make its way to any woman’s heart. Talented on both the guitar and keyboards, Chase would move from one instrument to the other like a true smooth-operator while producing the loveliest of vocals.

As I stood next to a variety of females, swaying their hips as they gazed towards chase as though he were a high school crush, I could hear one dude next to me say, “This shit is straight up love-making music.” Take note men, this is straight up love making music. Go to a Brookville show and you’ll definitely see the ladies.

Brookville at Spaceland - 24

Off their new album “Broken Lights,” I truly enjoyed the lullaby-like track “Dreaming On.” Opening up with a series of tings and tangs and soft xylophone melodies, “Dreaming On” is full of hypnotizing bass lines and dreamy guitar chords, but it surely didn’t put me to sleep.

Closing up with “Tell Her You Love Her,” also off their new album “Broken Lights,” this song is the jammy jam, and I say that in an R&B-kind-of way. Jumping back on the keyboards, Chase harmonized into the mic with a soulful tone. By far a song you can get your groove on to.

All in all, Brookville put on a very pleasing show.

Brookville at Spaceland - 16 Brookville at Spaceland - 34 Brookville at Spaceland - 22


Anna Ternheim at the Troubadour – Show Review

5 10 2009

When I first got a hold of Swedish songstress, Anna Ternheim‘s new album “Leaving On A Mayday,” I though she had an exquisite, delicate voice that flowed so smoothly with the soothing aural landscapes of “Leaving On A Mayday.” Last Thursday, Oct. 1st she played a show at the Troubadour with Asobi Seksu and Swedish friends, Loney, Dear.

Anna Ternheim at Troubadour - 12

In a way, Ternheim reminds me of Dido, where her soft voice can ride on delicate orchestrations of sound or more energized dance induced beats. It was quite the treat to have Loney, Dear sit in on her set and lend us their awesome instrumentals. In the same turn, Ternheim is more than apt to carry on a stellar show on her own. With a voice like an angel, clear as crystal, I loved that you could still hear her accent through her singing. Many singers with accents tend to cover it up when singing English lyrics. I think its soft presence made her performance all the more alluring.

In celebration of her new album “Leaving On A Mayday,” Ternheim performed a variety of songs from this must-buy album. Some singers sound like vocal perfection on audio, what truly lies beneath is revealed when you see them performing live (assuming there’s no Brittany Spears-like lip-synching). Ternheim blew me away! She appeared to sound identical, if not better than her studio albums.

Anna Ternheim at Troubadour - 01

Although I enjoyed her entire performance, a couple songs that stood out for me were “What Have I Done,” “Summer Rain,” and oldie-but-a-goodie, “My Secret.” With a sexy little dance beat, “What Have I Done,” had the audience engaged in a hypnotic-groove. “Summer Rain” was quite the charming duet with its country undertones as Loney, Dear’s, Malin Ståhlberg, joined Ternheim in an uplifting duet that was all smiles for the two songstresses. To close up her set, a fan amongst the crowd had requested she play “My Secret,” Ternheim was impressed that he was familiar with the single that came out in 2005 and proceeded to make her exit with this heartfelt song.

Anna Ternheim at Troubadour - 02 Anna Ternheim at Troubadour - 04 Anna Ternheim at Troubadour - 08

94/9 7th Anniversary Bash With JET, Cage The Elephant and Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

5 10 2009

Although I now reside in the City of Angels, I alway got SD in my heart. Think I’ll head back down there for the 94/9 7th Anniversary Bash. Although good ole 94/9 has yet to pick me for their Coup d’Etat Weekend (hint, hint), they always throw kick-ass events and shows; like the 94/9 Indy Jam. The Black Keys ripped through three amps!

Anyhow, the 94/9 7th Anniversary Bash is Saturday, November 7th at 4th & B. It features JET, Cage The Elephant and Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears. As we’ll be drinking plenty of beers and stoli/crans (me), it is a 21 and older party.

Get your tickets here!


Devendra Banhart Releases “Angelika” From Upcoming Release “What Will We Be”

2 10 2009

DevendraBI love how in his latest release, “Angelika,” off his upcoming album “What Will We Be,” Devendra Banhart let’s his Venezuelan roots shine. Not only does he pronounce the name “Angelika” with that sweet Latin tongue, but the song transcends from his token indie folk into a sexy Spanish flow of lyrics and howls.

Stream “Angelika”on Pitchfork here.

Now on big corpo record label, Warner Brothers Records, Banhart’s new album “What Will We Be” will debut October 27th.

Have you checked out “Baby,” the first single off his new album? Stream it here in all its entirety (none of that 30 seconds shit).  It’s pretty sweet, but I’m all about “Angelika.”

“Do You Want Power” by The Ettes – Album Review

29 09 2009

Continuing to draw intensity and suspense with their notable drum and guitar solos, The Ettes’ new album “Do You Want Power” stays true to their infectious ferocious sound, but have found a perfect balance of all things soft and those that tend to be a little rougher. Just like when it comes to performance under the sheets, they’re delivering the best of both worlds: gentle and rough.


“Do You Want Power” has a perfect combination of both the gentle melodic songs and the electrifying rock-your-face off anthems we’ve grown to assimilate with The Ettes. Blending in various elements of country, blues, punk and all things rock, The Ettes fail to disappoint us once again. Doused with songs relevant to love, the lyrics can be spiteful and lined with feelings of anger and hurt towards the wrong doing of another (perhaps a cheating heart).

Front-woman Coco’s upbeat vivacious lyrics pull a 360 in “While Your Girl’s Away.” Her sweet vocals become a somber, blues driven portrayal of infidelity.

As heard on their kick-ass EP “Danger Is,” Dan Auerbach records and remixes the fuzz-driven track “No Home.” It’s a bad ass tune full of explosive rock n’ roll.

Smoldering with an intro full of bassist’s, Jem’s contagious fuzz and a blazing harmonica howl, “Walk Out That Door” will incite a series of convulsions  through out your body. You can’t help but move and rock out when you listen to this awesome track. Lyrics straight up hold some truth!

Taking it back to some 80’s hair-metal shredding, the guitaring in “I Can Be Your Lover (But I Can’t Be Your Baby)” is pretty damn rad. The dark moments of Poni’s drum rolls leading up to the guitar solo are quite enticing giving Coco’s melancholy lyrics an apologetic touch.

With a sweet country twang, “Love Lies Bleeding,” is a an honest sincere song that would make Patsy Cline proud.

Opening up as though it were a passed on tale of folklore, “Seasons” rolls with an eerie incantation of change, yet it carries a lovely eloquence.

“Modern Game” rolls in with delicate electro beats followed by Coco’s soft vocals calling out the one that did her wrong. The emotional intensity is heightened with suspenceful drum rolls and power chords leading into  a harsh repetitive hook. Damn cheaters …

Featured in both “Entourage” and Drew Barrymore’s new film “Whip It,” The Ettes bring forth yet another riveting album full of songs you’ll never get bored of. I’ve been listening to “Do You Want Power” on the daily for a month straight: it rocks.

Tour dates w/Juliette and The Licks here. Ettes.doyouwantpower

Buy The Ettes’ “Do You Want Power” here.

Pros: Every fuckin’ song!

Cons: Only 13 tracks!

2009 Eagle Rock Music Festival – FREE

29 09 2009

It’s going to be a fun-filled weekend in LA with all sorts of events going off. Saturday being the focal point of fun! Aside from the highly anticipated Venice Beach Skate Park opening, and the 5th Annual Johnny Ramone Tribute, the Eagle Rock Music Festival will also be going off this Saturday, Oct. 3. Each year this unique festival gets bigger and bigger. In 2007 they had 15,000 attendees while in 2008 they doubled that number to 30,000!

Hipster or not, if you like an eclectic mix of music that doesn’t drown itself out in the poisonous mainstream, I highly suggest you check the Eagle Rock Music Festival out!

BANDS: No Age, Free Moral Agents, Fol Chen, Peanut Butter Wolf, The Gaslamp Killer, Leslie and The Badgers, Free The Robots, The Happy Hollows, Pocahaunted, and so many more! Click here for the full schedule!

WHEN: October 3, 2009 – 5p.m. to Midnight

WHERE: Los Angeles, California – On Six Blocks of Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock

3 Main Stages: Global/World, Indie/Emerging, Kids’ stage
14 Venues 70 Acts

The Eagle Rock Music Festival is a nationally-noted non-profit community street festival showcasing a diversity of innovative, multicultural and local music annually each October since 1998. The festival hosts Los Angeles-based acts at various locations along its “main street”, Colorado Boulevard, in the progressive and multigenerational Eagle Rock neighborhood. It is designed to celebrate Eagle Rock, and support local business, community, and culture . . . The festival remains free and accessible to the community, regardless of income, thanks to generous sponsors who are recognized at the festival and in the lead-up to the event.


“Summer of Fear” by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

24 09 2009

MBAR-SummeroffearBrooklyn’s emotive indie crooner, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (MBAR) made quite the impression last summer with his self-titled debut album. With members of Grizzly Bear and TV On The Radio’s, Kyp Malone assisting in the creation, they’ve once again come through to lend their skills to his second studio album, “Summer of Fear.” Moving from Say Hey Records to Saddle Creek, “Summer of Fear”brings in both a bigger sound and label.

From the moment I heard MBAR’s self-titled debut album, I fell in love with it. It was something so different, fueled with bruised emotion and lyrics that painted a story just like the amazing Bob Dylan did. Now with “Summer of Fear,” I find myself once again enthralled by his heartfelt singer/song writing skills and pleasurable orchestrations of sound. Although his vocals are quite hard to make out at times, between his unique cantor and stylized crooning you’ll find yourself shouting out your own lyrics to his powerful anthems.

Fueled by a soundtrack culminated of years spent in eight-track studios, cypher-fueled jam sessions, and dicey club dates that often ended in fist fights and broken glass, MBAR has delivered a most personal album. With tales of love and loss, betrayal, regret, and the ugly picture bitterness can paint of us, “Summer of Fear” is the product of all the negative shit life can throw at us. Amidst the chronic frustration and rage behind the lyrics, the production of instrumentals embodies everything from striking horns, enchanting brass to melodic guitars—such a magnificent display of sound, pure enough to balance out the dark lyrics. I can only hope when MBAR tours in support of “Summer of Fear,” he takes the stage with a large band so we can all see those beautiful sounds come to life.

Pros: “Always an Anchor” commences with gentle guitar strumming and storytelling words that roll into a sudden break of emotion, suspenseful drums and the childlike sounds of a playful xylophone. I love how the energy and feeling of this song rises as it gets closer to its calm ending―a series of ascending “boings,” the kind you would hear when cartoon characters jump on an old mattress. It put a smile on my face.

For having some of the most painful lyrics, “Summer of Fear Pt. 2” is one of the most beautiful songs on the album. The orchestration goes from light to dark cascading on a variety of instruments set to put your mind in aural bliss. Absolutely fuckin’ amazing.

Cons: Are you chewing on tobacco, because I can barely make out your lyrics!