Austin City Limits (2009) Day 2 Photos and Review!

7 10 2009

WORDS: Q. Manning

You’d be hard-pressed to imagine a way that Day Two of ACL Fest could have been different from Day One. Whereas the day before had everyone putting on sunblock and buying cowboy hats/sunglasses (I know I had to), Day Two created an ocean of umbrellas and ponchos.

ACL Day 2 Gandersman - 29

After the first day, I thought I had a pretty good handle on the supplies necessary to brave ACL Fest. I headed to Wal-Mart at 5:30am and grabbed a new backpack, hand sanitizer, Febreeze, gum, band-aids for my newly acquired blisters and everything else I could think of. I was pretty damn proud of my ability to plan and off we headed to the festival.

But all my planning was for naught, as I forgot the one thing needed most: the poncho. We waked our way to the festival, or in my case, hobbled my way, and as we crossed the Colorado River/Ladybird Lake, all you could see on both sides were rain clouds and drizzling. But we had hope things would let up, and onward we soldiered.

ACL Day 2 Gandersman - 30

We started the festival with an interview with the Suckers, a progressive rock-band based out of Brooklyn, New York who played 2009 SXSW here in Austin. The band only has out a single EP of 4 songs, but is currently in the studio finishing up some new material for a full LP release, but more on that during Sunday’s coverage when the band plays.

After the interview, the rain let up and we were able to get out to the Grizzly Bear show at the Dell stage. The crowd was excited with seeing the band away from the bad weather as the sun had finally started to peak its way through the thick quilt of clouds. Grizzly Bear played a solid set, being forced a little back from the front of the stage due to the rain. Grizzly Bear played SXSW already and apparently rocked the house, but this time around, some of the pure musicianship from the album just didn’t translate. Maybe it was the potential of rain or maybe it was the open-air format, but when the mud settled, it felt like some of their magic was lost.

Grizzly Bear

By this time, the sun had come out and we were thinking today would end up being great. The rain wasn’t too bad to have destroyed the landscape and Paul and I were both comfortable taking photos and not being worried about our equipment getting destroyed. Flogging Molly was the next stop for us and the energy and anticipation of the crowd made the air crackle. Or that’s what I thought it was, because about 5 minutes before the band started, the rain went from a drizzle to a torrent and we just couldn’t risk the equipment.

To the chagrin of all in attendance, we had to push our way back out of the crowd and stand on the edge of everything where the band did their thing. From the first note, the crowd was going and many folks there were warning people to go ahead and put their umbrellas away because once the pit started, all rules were off. Big words, but the actions didn’t quite match. Even the diehard who were willing to let the music move them found their spirits a little soggy. But the band never let up, probably because they’re used to this sort of weather in their native Ireland.

ACL Day 2 Gandersman - 25

We headed back to the Press area to escape the rain and hopefully wait things out. Luckily for us, a media outlet didn’t show up and their tent was available for some of us to hang out in. After about an hour we checked the weather and it just wasn’t going to let up for the rest of the day, so we made the call to leave for the day and see how things would be the next day. For my purposes, I could watch coverage on Hulu and see some of the bands we wanted to cover. Unfortunately for Paul, photos of his computer screen don’t have quite the same impact.

As for the bands later that night, only Ghostland Observatory was being broadcast on Hulu. Watching the show online was a much lesser experience, but some of GO’s patented badassery still came through. Austin music fans have no doubt seen this distinct duo, but it was nice to think of all the exposure the band would get from Hulu and ACL itself. Electronica fans know who they are, but what about fans of Pearl Jam or Flogging Molly? Now they’d get a chance and Ghostland didn’t let Austin down. Frontman Aaron Behren stalked around the stage like a pro, his high pitched, Freddie Mercury-laden voice echoing throughout the park.

ACL Day 2 Gandersman - 16

Right before I hopped into the shower to wash off the funk of the day, Paul told me he had a 103 degree fever and wouldn’t be able to shoot on Day Three. Now I was going to be writing and photo-documenting the event.

All I could hope for was a better climate than Saturday, otherwise, things were going to get really tricky, really fast.




Treasure Island Music Festival Set Times!

6 10 2009

Treasure Island Music Festival is only 10 days away!!! Get your dancing shoes on, this is going to be a weekend of smiles, jams and dance. The best part about is, no bands play at the same time! You don’t have to rush from stage-to-stage or miss any sets!

Check out the set times below and be sure to get your Treasure Island Music Festival Tickets here! See you there!

SATURDAY, OCT. 17, 2009Treasure_Island_Music
Bridge Stage: 9:25 – 10:40PM

Girl Talk
Tunnel Stage: 8:35 – 9:20PM

Bridge Stage: 7:45 – 8:35PM

LTJ Bukem Feat. MC Conrad
Tunnel Stage: 6:55 – 7:40PM

Brazilian Girls
Bridge Stage: 6:05 – 6:55PM

DJ Krush
Tunnel Stage: 5:15 – 6:00PM

The Streets
Bridge Stage: 4:25 – 5:15PM

Dan Deacon
Tunnel Stage: 3:35 – 4:20PM

Passion Pit
Bridge Stage: 2:50 – 3:35PM

Federico Aubele
Tunnel Stage: 2:05 – 2:45PM

Bridge Stage: 1:20 – 2:05PM

Crown City Rockers
Tunnel Stage: 12:40 – 1:15PM

The Limousines
Bridge Stage: 12:00 – 12:40PM

SUNDAY, OCT. 18, 2009
The Flaming Lips
Bridge Stage: 9:05 – 10:35PM

Yo La Tengo
Tunnel Stage: 8:10 – 9:00PM

The Decemberists
Bridge Stage: 7:10 – 8:10PM

The Walkmen
Tunnel Stage: 6:20 – 7:05PM

Bridge Stage: 5:30 – 6:20PM

Bob Mould
Tunnel Stage: 4:45 – 5:25PM

Grizzly Bear
Bridge Stage: 4:00 – 4:45PM

Tunnel Stage: 3:15 – 3:55PM

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
Bridge Stage: 2:30 – 3:15PM

Spiral Stairs
Tunnel Stage: 1:55 – 2:25PM

Thao with The Get Down Stay Down
Bridge Stage: 1:15 – 1:55PM

Tommy Guerrero
Tunnel Stage: 12:40 – 1:10PM

Sleepy Sun
Bridge Stage: 12:00 – 12:40PM

Austin City Limits (2009) Day 1 Photos and Review!

6 10 2009

WORDS: Q. Manning

Day One of ACL was about as picturesque as you could imagine. The sun was out, the grass was lush and the party had started, because, when you get down to it, that’s all any music festival really is. Great food, music, a sea of cowboy hats and and scantily clad genders of your choice.

ACL Day 1 Gandersman - 039

We arrived at the festival a little later than we’d planned, not accounting for the massive amounts of traffic in downtown Austin. We hopped on the shuttles and arrived at Zilker Park just in time to head over to the Austin Ventures stage to see The Parlor Mob tear up the stage. I’m a fan of 70’s style rock and these guys brought it. From the wailing vocals to the pounding, tribal drumming, these guys at times invoked the very essence of Led Zeppelin but infused with a modern rock sensibility. I walked away from the set a fan.

The Parlor Mob

Next up we headed over to The Walkmen at the XBOX360 stage. Braving the Austin sun with collared shirts and slacks, the band opened up with a greeting of “Hello music lovers!” and proceeded to infuse the festival with some much needed folk-inspired indie rock. Frontman Paul Maroon may look like Captain America but his voice is a little bit Bob Dylan meets Black Francis with the phrasings of Jeff Tweedy. Their music was infectious, rousing the crowd, and all that was compounded when the guys brought a great horn section to come out and accompany them. Like with The Parlor Mob, the sound wasn’t anything new, but it was definitely something I enjoyed.

The Walkmen

Phoenix was one of the bands everyone in the festival had been buzzing about and the crowd at the large AMD stage was massive, forcing me to hang back on the periphery and enjoy sitting on the soft grass. The French band brought their particular brand synth infused rock to the crowd and the attendees loved it. My exposure to the band had been limited to only their most from their last album, “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” and I’ll admit to being a tad disappointed by the set. Much of the energy and style I’d heard in their studio recordings was missing, though I could see I was in the minority.


After Phoenix, we hung out waiting for John Legend to perform and the sounds of Raphael Saadiq came wafting in from the XBOX360 stage across the park. Saadiq’s music was wonderful, classic R&B with a heavy bass line and amazing horn section, he moved the crowd gathered around his stage and most of the people waiting for Legend alongside me.

ACL Day 1 Gandersman - 067

Legend started his set by moving along the walkway that bisects the crowds at the larger ACL Fest stages, telling the crowd to “Emancipate yourself!” and went into his set. Never having been a huge John Legend fan, this was my first real exposure to much of his catalog and I found the experience to be similar to what Legend wore on stage that day – safe and toothless. Even his cover of Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” was lacking in soul and emotion. When he started I wasn’t a fan and when it was all said and done, my opinion hadn’t been changed.

ACL Day 1 Gandersman - 078

But then came one of the biggest surprises of the entire ACL Fest and a band that was much anticipated: supergroup Them Crooked Vultures. I knew Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters & Nirvana fame was in the group, but I wasn’t sure to what capacity. Was he singing? Playing guitar? He was playing drums and the power everyone first heard when Nirvana hit the scene was here in spades.

Them Crooked Vultures

Even more interesting were the other members of this supergroup: Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones on bass & keyboard with Queen of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme. Helping out was QOTSA guitarist Alain Johannes on guitar.

Them Crooked Vultures

If I had to compare the band to another band, I’d have to say Queens of the Stone Age, but more for their pure rocking rather than the vocals of Homme, who didn’t quite sound the way I expected, with his voice often taking on a David Byrne/Talking Heads quality. Most songs play with time signature and cadence, making most songs unpredictable. Everything seems to be driven by Grohl’s power drumming which had the crowd moving and gyrating. Coupled with Jones’ bass lines, the best description for this collection of musicians has to be “churning rock and roll.”

Them Crooked Vultures

Them Crooked Vultures are relentless and tight. Unfortunately, they don’t have an album available, meaning the great songs I heard will have to stay part of my memory rather than in my iTunes. Hopefully the guys will either get into the studio and record or release whatever they’ve done. Right now, the world needs some solid, true rock & roll.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Alas, moving over to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs after Them Crooked Vultures was a let-down. Like many people, the songs “Maps” resonated with me as just a well-crafted song. But I’d never been able to connect with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a live performance didn’t change that. The vocals for lead singer Karen O needed to be cranked. This is odd considering the subdued music coming from the band. Each song I kept wanting the band to bring it, but it never happened. Karen O puts on a great stage show, however, with some truly fantastic stage presence. If you went in a fan, it was probably great to hear your favorite songs live, but for someone who was wanting to be impressed, the end result was lackluster.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

And such ended the first day of ACL Fest. The sun was hot, but the situation was tolerable. Day Two, however, would be a much different story.


Treasure Island Music Festival Art Contest

14 09 2009

If you stopped by the Treasure Island booth at the Outside Lands Festival last month in Golden Gate Park, you may have seen the crowds of people furiously coloring and drawing for their contest. Out of the over 200 entries they received during the three-day festival, here are the nine finalists. ( I picked #1)

Treasure Island wants YOU to help choosing the winner. Email the number of your pick to by Thursday, September 24th.

Don’t forget to get your tickets for Treasure Island here! It’s gonna be an epic weekend of dance, dance, dance!!!


Outside Lands Festival 2009 Day 2

2 09 2009

Outside Lands 2009 Day 2 - 12I danced my ass off on Day 2 of Outside Lands! Although I missed a shit load of bands I was set to see, I had an amazing time partying and dancing it up with my San Francisco friends.

The weather was perfect on Saturday, the sun was shining at a warm but bearable temperature. As we moved and grooved to Raphael Saadiq, I was stoked to hear him play a cover of Iggy and the Stooges’ “Search and Destroy.” That shit was hot! Since I was hangin’ with my friends that practically supply all the alcohol for the bars in SF, you can say I immediately had a buzz. Between the tequila shooters, wine and various FREE drinks, that buzz became an amplified world of sound soon as Mastadon hit. For the few songs that we saw, they blew our faces off!

Moving on to some sweet sounds from Jason Mraz we ran into some dudes celebrating a bachelor party. Clad in fake titties and “Orgasm Donor” badges, naturally they invited me and my cute girlfriend to some club with an open bar in a stretch hummer limo: we graciously said NO thanks.

By far the highlight of Saturday (at least for myself) was dancing to Miguel Migs! He is the shit! We danced his entire set in a crowded dome of movers and shakers. With a 15 minute line to get in, we’re all stoked we got there early and breezed through.

After that, I don’t remember too much except for some crazy fuzzy madnesss from Mars Volta. Those guys are just straight up rockers and have the most enticing stage presence. Not to mention their sound is absolutely stellar.

What happended after that? I had some delicious wine at the Wine Haven (tastings) at Outside Lands, ran into a girl named Molly, heard and saw some epic sound and lights at Dave Matthews and then took part in a series of dance-offs until 6 in the morning! Damn good night, but I forgot to eat, lost an earing and accumulated three new blisters on my feet.


More Music Festivals Rolling Through!

2 09 2009

IMG_2424It seems as though music festivals are an endless journey. When one music festival comes to an end, another one commences. Outside Lands came to an end this past Sunday as Burning Man kicked off the same day. What’s up next? Check out these festivals coming up in the next couple of months. Whether you’re a hippy, rocker, hipster or just a fun-lovin’ music geek, there’s a lil something for everyone.

FYF Fest
Sept. 6, 2009 @ Los Angeles State Historic Park
Featuring: Black Lips, Lucero, The Thermals, No Age, Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio, Peanut Butter Wolf, AA Bondy, Mika Miko, Nobunny, Glass Candy, Telepathe, The Strange Boys and MORE!

Sunset Strip Music Festival
Sept. 10-12, 2009 @ Various Hollywood Venues and Sunset Blvd.
Featuring: OZZY OSBOURNE, KORN, Shiny Toy Guns, Shwayze, LMFAO, The Donnas, Unwritten Law, The Knux, Iglu & Hartly, Iration, The Pricks, and more!

Symbiosis Gathering
Sept. 17-21, 2009 @ Camp Mather, Yosemite, CA
Featuring: Les Claypool, Coco Rosie, Os Mutantes, Yard Dogs Road Show, Amon Tobin, Bassnectar and many more!

New Noise
Oct. 8-10, 2009 @ various seaside Santa Barbara venues
Featuring: Michael Franti & Spearhead, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Mad Caddies, No Use For A Name, Har Mar Superstar, Zach Gill (ALO) & Kyle Hollingsworth (String Cheese Incident), Dead Country, and many more!

Austin City Limits (sold out)
Oct. 2-4, 2009 @ Zilker Park, Austin TX
Featuring: Yeah Yeah Yeah, Pearl Jam, Them Crooked Vultures, The Dead Weather, Dan Auerbach, Andrew Bird, Mos Def, Bon Iver, Citizen Cope, Sonic Youth, and so many more!

Treasure Island Music Festival
Oct. 17-18, 2009 @ Treasure Island, San Francisco
Featuring: MGMT, The Flaming Lips, Girl Talk, Grizzly Bear, The Decemberists, Passion Pit, Yo La Tengo, Dan Deacaon, Tommy Guerrero, and many more!

Las Tortugas Festival
Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 2009 @ Evergreen Lodge, Yosemite, Ca
Featruing: Umphrey’s McGee, Tea Leaf Green, The Mother Hips, Big Light, New Monsoon, Pimps of Joytime, Hot Buttered Rum and more!

Phish Festival 8
Oct. 31-Nov. 1, 2009 @ Empire Polo Club, Indio, CA
Featuring: Phish! (duh) They’ll be playing eight sets across three days.

FunFunFun Fest
Nov. 7-8, 2009 @ Waterloo Park, Austin TX
Featuring: Danzing, Of Montreal, No Age, Face to Face, Youth Brigade, King Khan and The BBQ Show, Cool Kids, Mika Miko, Crystal Castles, 7 Seconds, D.R.I., and more!

Outside Lands Festival 2009 Day 1

1 09 2009

Outside Lands 2009 Day 1 - 05“I’m so hot my eyeballs are fuckin’ sweating!” Those were my exact thoughts as we rolled up to the 2009 Outside Lands music festival. I gotta admit, the LA heat and blue skies must of followed me to San Francisco cause it was record breaking heat at about 100 degrees.

LA’s West Indian Girl hit the stage and I wasn’t too impressed. I enjoyed their eclectic sound and psychedelic riffs, but I’m just not feelin’ the new front-woman. Moving through the long Outside Lands speedway, lined with tents of beer, bevies, food, lounges and everything else your happy heart desires, we wondered off to see Akron Family. These guys fuckin’ ripped! Whether they were bustin’ some down-home-blues, psychedelic or just some sweet ass rock ‘n roll, Akron Family was a definite highlight with their fun stage presence and bevy of instruments. I wanted to give the dude in the salmon button-up a hug, he just looked so high-in-the-clouds friendly.

I had listened to Los Campesinos many times but was never quite into them. I figured I’d check em’ out live and maybe they’ll tickle my fancy in a live setting, eh, not so much. The front man is a flamboyant Welsh ball of energy which I loved, but Los Campesinos just isn’t my thang. It’s a lil to pop-tarty for me, although they seemed to have drawn a crowd of fun-loving hipsters.

Back to some more LA goodness, Silverlake hometown heroes, the Silversun Pickups absofuckinlutely killed it on the main stage. Their performance was full of movement and sound. Front man Brian Aubert is a guitar god. The man shreds chords of unspeakable measure. His unique vocals are quite the treat in their own. In a moment of awe he shared, “I’m going to geek out here. We didn’t know Built to Spill was going to be here . . . and we are so excited cause they are one of the greatest bands around!” Closing it up with “Lazy Eye” we then moved onto get our panties ready for the tossin’ at Tom Jones. And let me tell you, Tom Jones was incredible, sexy dancing-fun. No matter what age he hits, that man will always enamor the crowd. We left just as “She’s a Lady” was coming on and danced are way back to the mainstage for Pearl Jam.

It was amazing to hear Peal Jam and see Eddie Vedder. The music was pure nostalgia bringing me back to my grungy days of junior high when I had an immense crush on Vedder. I was stoked to hear him play a variety of songs from “Ten,” but a bit disappointed when his vocals started to fade in both sound and energy. Apparently it was the end of his tour and his vocals were basically shot. The outstanding instrumentals led quite a portion of the show, but in the end Veddar came back through and closed the show up with that killer Pearl Jam sound we all know and love.

With barely any energy left in me, we ventured over to an Outside Lands night show at Mezzanine for the Golden Gate Gramble. With a variety of killer bands jamming out (ALO, Counter Clarkwise, Newfangled) and featured artists, the place was fuckin’ packed; great way to end Day One of our Outside Lands experience.