Jump Clubb “The Love of No Dance” – Album Review

7 10 2009

jumpclubb_albumcoverThere’s been a lot of hype about Jump Clubb (Anonymous Band From Beverly Hills). I’m not quite sure who they are but I do know that I really enjoy the beats they’ve been spittin’ out. Their debut album “The Love of No Dance” dropped yesterday, Oct. 6, 2009 and its all sorts of good. Pushing seven tracks of sweet electro sounds and seductive lo-fi vocals, “The Love of No Dance” boasts a mere 20 minutes of music. With an album so brief yet alluring, why not review the whole damn thing track for track:

1. Green Light – This track has beats that resonate from the mid 90’s rave stylings. Although a bit more refined and echoing with sexy, subtle male vocals, there’s a very provocative essence to “Green Light.”

2. A Frozen Hug – By far one of my favorite songs on the album. Carrying a dreamy, yet tribalesque beat, this vivacious dance number will get your body moving to the lush sounds and whispering vocals doused in this track.

3. The Love of No Dance – With galactic bursts of sound riddling the background with ambient life, title track “The Love of No Dance” is very mellow, very chill, and very sexy.

4. Please Excuse Us – I have no idea who they’re sampling at the intro of this track, but he sounds very big and scary. That deep dark voice quickly looses all its shake appeal once the lovely strings and melodic beats come into play.

5. Lets Crash This Party – Breaking into a groovy jam of beats and elegant woodwinds, “Lets Crash This Party” carries the loveliest of instrumentation on the entire album. At one point it reminded me of ancient Incan flute music. It was very delicate and organic, but oh-so-hot! Another favorite of mine.

6. I’d Rather Be Played – This is probably the only track where the soft and mysterious vocals actually show any emotion or changing energy. The fuzzy words start slow and then climax into a demanding plea to “dance with me tonight,” while an almost-annoying robotic chorus chimes in with their two cents.

7. Spraypaint – Closing up their debut LP with a calm track rolling with trance beats, ambient synths and light drums, “Spraypaint” will leave you craving more of that mysterious Jump Clubb sound.

So who the fuck are these peeps? Although their band goes by the name of Jump Clubb (Anonymous Band From Beverly Hills), I do hear some references to Brooklyn in “Spraypaint.” Hmm …

Stay tuned for an interview with Jump Clubb and be sure to pick up their debut LP “The Love of No Dance” here. It’s short and sweet and something your gonna wanna Jump on.

Click here for FREE music from Jump Clubb.


Animal Collective Set to Reissue 2003 Album “Campfire Songs” on Paw Tracks

7 10 2009

CampfireSongs900RGBPaw Tracks is proud to present the reissue of Animal Collective’s 2003 album “Campfire Songs.” Since the CD’s original issue on Catsup Plate recently went out of print it is their intention to simply keep the cd in print for as long as possible.

While the songs were completed in the apartment that three of the members shared (Geologist does not play on this album) they chose to record the music on a screened-in porch in Maryland using portable mini disc players so as to allow the ambience of trees blowing in the wind, the birds chirping and the insects in the area to become an integral part of the sound flow. What remains intact are the melodies that have always
been a part of the AC sound-though here they have been stripped away of any electronic accompaniment and stretched and slowed to a calmer place than anywhere AC had been before and perhaps has gone since.

Animal Collective
“Campfire Songs”
(Paw Tracks)
Street Date: Jan. 26, 2010

1. Queen In My Pictures
2. Doggy
3. Two Corvettes
4. Moo Rah Rah Rain
5. De Soto De Son

San Fransico’s, Brilliant Colors, Prep Debut Full-Length LP, “Introducing”

7 10 2009

slr108-lo-resMore all-fem rock bands for your listening and viewing  pleasure.  San Francisco based, Brilliant Colors are ready to release their new album “Introducing” off Slumberland Records this Nov. 3, 2009! If you like that 70’s punk sound in the likes of The Runaways and Suzi Quatro with a hint of today’s Mika Miko, you’ll love Brilliant Colors.

Singer/guitarist Jess Scott started Brilliant Colors in early 2007, and she’s been mighty busy since then. After a steady stream of line-up changes, Scott has finally settled on a permanent line-up with the addition of East Coast transplants Diane Anastasio and Michelle Hill (a veteran of a number of Bay Area underground punk outfits, as well as touring guitarist for legendary UK punk / dub group The Slits!), in the meantime sharing bills with fellow Bay Area acts Nodzzz, Grass Widow, and Ty Segall and opening for the likes of The Urinals and The Homosexuals.

Stay tuned for a full album review!

1. I Searched
2. Absolutely Anything
3. English Cities
4. Yell In The Air
5. You Say You Want
6. Over There
7. Mythic
8. Short Sleeves At Night
9. Motherland
10.Should I Tell You

Devendra Banhart Releases “Angelika” From Upcoming Release “What Will We Be”

2 10 2009

DevendraBI love how in his latest release, “Angelika,” off his upcoming album “What Will We Be,” Devendra Banhart let’s his Venezuelan roots shine. Not only does he pronounce the name “Angelika” with that sweet Latin tongue, but the song transcends from his token indie folk into a sexy Spanish flow of lyrics and howls.

Stream “Angelika”on Pitchfork here.

Now on big corpo record label, Warner Brothers Records, Banhart’s new album “What Will We Be” will debut October 27th.

Have you checked out “Baby,” the first single off his new album? Stream it here in all its entirety (none of that 30 seconds shit).  It’s pretty sweet, but I’m all about “Angelika.”

Interview: Stefano Boscutti

1 10 2009

A couple days ago we highlighted a compelling Web site by the name of Boscutti.com. It delivers daily newsreels with a great selection of music as their soundtracks. The images are both good and bad and cover some pretty heavy world news.


“Using the music to lift the emotions is the point.  I was watching a lot of news online without feeling a thing.  I wanted to feel again.”
~ Stefano Boscutti

Where you based out of?
Melbourne (that’d be the one in Australia).

What do you want to come out of these newsreels?
That’s an incredibly good question. World peace, individual respect, human dignity. Hopefully how everyone can make a difference. How we’re all connected. How we’re all one. That child in Africa is not some distant problem. That child in Africa is you. (Sorry to sound heavy or trippy or hippy. But I try to make a point of ending each newsreel with hope. Got to shine that light.)

How long you been doing this?
I’m a former journalist. I’ve been writing and making films for a while. But I only started making the newsreels from the start of this year. The whole newsreel archive to date is online at http://boscutti.com/boscutti-newsreel/index.html

How much time goes into each reel (you have a new one everyday!)?
Two hours a day, every day. Up at the crack of dawn, cup of cold coffee, 15 minutes of meditation, and we’re on.

Anyone helping you?
I get a lot of feedback. Which helps a lot. But I don’t have any assistants. Wait, maybe they’re hiding under the desk? Nahh, not even one. Just littl’ ol’ me.

Where do you get all the photos? Fair use?
Yes, fair use. They’re the same photos that land on the news desk of all the mainstream media. They just never use them because they favor sports shots or the latest pretty celebrity. They favor the inoffensive because really they’re just providing the context for advertising. They’re no longer really about providing news. Everything we see is so stage managed. I’m all for showing what we can’t see. Particularly when it comes to human rights. Nation states or corporations fucking over individuals really doesn’t work for me. I’m all for the one person that makes the difference.

How do you choose your music? You have a good ear.
Keep an ear out for new releases. Tend to favor slower, more evocative songs because they move me. If I lay them on the photos and I get a tingle up my spine, they’re in. Nope, not the most scientific selection process on earth. But hopefully the most authentic. Figure the more it moves me, the more it might move others.

Who are some of your favorite musicians?
Waxes and wanes. Currently it’s tunesters like Monsters of Folk, James Buckley Trio, Yo La Tengo, Joe Henry, A.A. Bondy, Vampire Hands, Portugal The Man, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Eyedea and Abilities, Soulsavers, Fink,The Fiery Furnaces, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Memory Tapes, White Rabbits. Hmmm, and that’s just for starters. Throw in some strings and I’m in. I’m a sucker for strings. Also a little syncopation never goes astray.

Check out Boscutti.com now! Bookmark and make it a daily occurrence for your fix on real news, and real music.

Fool’s Gold Self-Titled Debut Album Review

30 09 2009

In 2005 I spent a couple months in the luscious country of Brazil. Touring one exotic beach to the next I instantly fell in love with the celebratory, free-spirited ways of this beautiful country. Not to mention all the people there are quite the tantalizing eye candy.


Los Angeles’ ensemble, Fool’s Gold, reminds me of the beauty and fun of Brazil. With their tropical melodies heavily influenced by African music and other intriguing worldly rhythms, Fool’s Gold self-titled debut album takes me back to that alluring feeling of hedonistic bliss. It’s music your body just can’t help but get up and dance to. And while you’re doing so, don’t be surprised if you gravitate to a member of the opposite sex. There’s something sensual about Fool’s Gold’s music that makes you want to spread that luvin.’

Comprised of vocalist/bassist Luke Top, who was born in Israel and was moved to Los Angeles at the age of three, and lead guitarist Lewis Pesacov (Foreign Born), who was raised on reggae and world music and holds a degree in classical music theory and composition, Fool’s Gold initially began as a side project for the two to explore their shared love of various forms of African music (specifically Congolese, Ethiopian, Eritrean and Malian), Krautrock, and 80s dance influenced pop music. Not too long after their communal beginnings of writing a few inspired songs and asking friends, friends of friends and even strangers to join them on stage, Fool’s Gold developed organically into a full-time band which now features more members of Foreign Born, We Are Scientists, and The Fall, plus Argentinean pop star Erica Garcia, Brazilian/Mexican visual artist Salvador Placencia, and more.

Besides being addicted to their self-titled debut album, I recently saw Fool’s Gold in action at LA’s Sunset Junction this past August. With some 10 or 12 people on stage taking part in delivering delectable music to our ears — their positive energy was more than inviting as it infected the crowd before them.

PROS: Their vibrant dance anthem “Surprise Hotel” is almost seven minutes long in a live performance. Exuding sheer delight, it will have you wishing you were on the white sands of an exotic beach dancing the night away. Check out their official video for “Surprise Hotel,” it’s pretty wet n’ wild.

CONS: I heard some worldly jammin’ on “Ha Dvash” please give us some more shreddful solos.

Fool’s Gold self-titled debut album dropped yesterday off of IAMSOUND. Get it here! foolsgoldartwork

Check out their Tour Dates here!

Jump Clubb (Anonymous Band From Beverly Hills) FREE Mixtape Featuring Passion Pit, Peter Bjorn & John, Wolfmother and More!

30 09 2009

There’s a lot of suspense building to the mysterious band Jump Clubb (Anonymous Band From Beverly Hills). Although their not revealing their personalities just yet, they’re putting out some sultry-electro hotness fit to make you fall in love with their debut album “The Love of Dance.” The goods drop Oct. 6, but until then Jump Clubb is offering a FREE “The Love of Dance” mixtape featuring new tracks from their debut LP “The Love Of No Dance” also featuring Major Lazer, Passion Pit, Peter Bjorn & John, Wolfmother, Eric’s Trip and more!

It’s hot, it’s FREE and you should download it Now! Click here for you FREE “The Love of Dance” mixtape download.

Track Listing:JC_mixtape1 copy

1. Intro
2. Flo Rida – Jump ft. Nelly Furtado (Designer Drugs remix)
3. Beat Happening – Indian Summer
4. Friendly Fires – Jump In The Pool (Thin White Duke remix)
5. Jump Clubb – I’d Rather Be Played
6. Peter Bjorn and John – It Don’t Move Me (Miike Snow remix)
7. Jump Clubb – The Love of No Dance
8. Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Wake Up! Remix)
9. Jump Clubb – Green Light
10. Major Lazer – Hold The Line (The Unik & Tambour Battant Remix)
11. Jump Clubb – Lets Crash This Party
12. Eric’s Trip – Sunlight
13. Wolfmother – New Moon Rising (Yacht Remix)
14. Jump Clubb – A Frozen Hug